Time Clock Programs

A guide to installing this valuable software

Time Clock Programs

When it comes to running a business, any manager can attest to the countless and tedious hours it takes, not only to supervise the timelines of their employees, but more over to calculate the payable hours for each employee when the end of another pay period roles around. Such tasks make up a significant amount of their work load, and this is why time-saving in this area will help free up managers and supervisors to attend to less menial matters, and thus help the business expand and grow. And time clock software programs (designed to operate on any PC capable of handling Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP) can help them do just that.

Designed to recognize handle and manage literally thousands of individual employees, time clock programs are fed employee information such as clock "in" and "out" times, today's date, and special pay rates from an electronic wall unit. Employees simply swipe their company issued ID card through the unit to clock in and out each day. That information is then instantly noted and sorted by the software program and stored for future manager reference. At the end of a pay period, rather than having to total the number of payable hours for each employee by hand, with a few clicks of the mouse managers can allow the computer to do the dirty work for them. These programs are also designed to factor in and calculate special circumstances such as overtime rates, and the final totals for each employee can be easily printed off.


Programs such as these are specially conceived to be easily installed, and extremely user- friendly, and are usually simple enough to be operated by anyone with basic computer skills with only minimal on the job training. Another useful feature of time clock programs is that once employee information is received from the wall unit, it can be readily monitored, stored, and cross-checked with a work schedule. It can also be stored for future reference, and even edited if necessary by those with proper access.

Through the wonders of password protection and electronic sign-offs, access to the program can be limited. What is more, there are often varying levels of access available to coincide with the needs of different employees. Supervisors, for instance, might be allowed full or near-full access to otherwise "off limits" areas, whereas lower positions might be limited to simple "view-only" options. With these safeguards in place, employers can rest easier in the knowledge that payment is fair and honest.

TimeTrak®, PunchClock, WorkForce, and MyBizTM Time Clock are just a few of the many employee time clock programs on the market today. All of these listed and many more can be easily found online by running an online search, and many programs are available for immediate download.

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