Employee Time Clocks

Keep an accurate record of employee activity

Employee Time Clocks

Designed to help employers keep a fair and accurate record of employee activity, employee time clocks are an essential ingredient of any successful company.

The addition of employee time clock systems at your business will help free up valuable management and supervising time. Generally speaking, employee time clocks fall into one of three basic categories, these are:

1) the original punch card systems

2) electronic swipe card/biometric time clocks

3) PC run employee time clock software

Punch Card Systems

First, let's consider punch card systems. While there are certainly slight design variations between models, this type of system often resembles an average alarm clock, with one large button on top for activating the printing or stamping mechanism. The employee is assigned a small card which he/she then places in the machine for printing/stamping at the beginning and ending of their shift. Most models are of a heavy-duty construction and are able to handle thousands of print registrations per day. Prices for punch card systems generally range between $250 and $450. The only major downside to the punch card type of system is that record keeping is reduced to paperwork, and more administrative time is necessary for the figuring up of employee hours at the end of each pay term.

Electronic Swipe Card / Biometric Systems

The obvious solution to this problem, although a slightly more expensive one, is to upgrade your punch card system to an electronic swipe-card/biometric system or a PC run time card computer program. Either of these system types will often automatically figure employee hours, saving supervisors and managers countless hours, and ultimately saving your business money. As already alluded to, there are two basic varieties of electronic time clocks:

1) Swipe-card readers which digitally scan a credit-card sized swipe card.

2) Biometric systems which scan and recognize the hand or fingerprint of each individual employee.

While electronic swipe card readers are by far the more accepted method today, biometric scanners are by far the most accurate and trustworthy. Biometric scanners can help your company crack down and eliminate such things as unwanted access to sensitive work environments, "buddy punching", and unauthorized overtime punching.

The final type of employee time clock system is of course PC operated. Here, employees would clock in and out using a mouse attached to a basic personal computer. There are dozens of different time clock programs on the market today but here are a few to help you get started on your search: TimeTrak®, PunchClock, WorkForce, and MyBizTM Time Clock. Such programs can easily perform all kinds of beneficial and time saving processes, such as figuring hours, keeping track of thousands of employees, and making work schedules based on various statistics. Prices for these programs can vary greatly from product to product.

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