Employee Time Clock Software

Helping reduce employee supervision and management

Employee Time Clock Software

Every entrepreneur knows that making their business run smoothly, flourish, and grow takes a significant amount of dedication, energy, and most importantly time. Usually, a significant portion of that time is spent managing and overseeing employees - making sure they arrive on time, figuring up working hours for each pay period, calculating overtime rates, etc. This is because traditionally such tasks have been done either in person or by hand because of the popularity of the rather archaic manual punch-card time clock systems. But these days there is an extreme time-saving way to ease the strain of employee supervision and management - a solution called employee time clock software.

Most employee time clock software is conveniently designed to run from any PC capable of handling Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. These programs are specifically designed to be easily installed, and extremely user friendly. Usually, they can be operated by any computer literate person and require only minimal training. Once installed, these programs are fed information from an electronic time clock wall unit which recognizes each employee by number and registers their time "in" and "out". Once this information is in the computer program, it can be monitored, edited, and easily checked for accuracy. What is more, such programs generally have multiple built-in controls which allow for once time-consuming processes to be done in seconds - such as figuring out complicated employee schedules, monitoring irregularities, and calculating payable hours.

All of these functions are thus rendered paperless, and once completed, the results can be printed off quickly and neatly.

Built in Features

There are many other built-in features worth mentioning, such as password restrictions and electronic sign-offs that allow for individualized employee access to the system. This enables managers to entrust each employee with the exact amount of access to the system he/she sees fit. Different access levels might entail such restrictions as "off-limits", "view only", or "edit permissible". In this way, employee time clock software will safely control the editing ability of each employee. A senior member of staff might be able to edit his information, approve over time pay for others, make notes about other employees, where a more junior member may only be able to clock "in" or "out". Still more functions employee time clock software offers include the ability for supervisors to store employee records, take and store notes on employee behavior and activity.

TimeTrak®, PunchClock, WorkForce, and MyBizTM Time Clock are just a few of the many employee time clock programs on the market today. All of these listed and many more can be easily found online by running a search for "employee time clocks". Many programs are even available for immediate download.

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