Biometric Time Clocks

Prevent Buddy Punching and limit access to sensitive data

Biometric Time Clocks

Leading the way toward the future of employee time clock systems, biometric time clocks replace the need for companies to issue employee swipe or punch cards. Instead, these ingenious devices work by scanning and recognizing the unique handprint or iris already inherent in each employee. Obviously, this approach is a huge leap forward in terms of reliability and security.

Biometric time clocks help eliminate the troubles of so-called “buddy punching”, unauthorized overtime punching, and can also be used to limit access to sensitive or dangerous work environments.

Buddy Punching

“Buddy punching” is the act of one employee clocking “in” or “out” for a friend who isn’t actually present at the time, effectively helping that friend steal time and money from the company. “Buddy punching” is a huge problem, costing many companies thousands of dollars in lost revenues. If your current system allows for “buddy punching” to take place, why not consider upgrading to a more trustworthy biometric system. With a biometric time clock system there can be no doubt that when an employee clocks in, it’s really him that’s done it.

But there are other benefits to this type of system as well. With biometric time clocks you can help reduce data-entry errors that often occur with other systems, you can easily revoke entry or access privileges to terminated employees as well as identify those trying to gain access to unauthorized areas of a building, not to mention allowing you to forget about the constant hassle of issuing, replacing, and recovering employee badges and swipe cards. With biometric time clock systems the benefits are obvious.

The cost of investing in a biometric time clock system is similar to that of a good swipe card system, but because of all the cost-effective advantages listed above, the investment can be recovered much more quickly.

Whether you choose a hand print scanner or iris scanner unit, the concept is basically the same. The scanning unit accurately identifies the employee, notes the date, time, and pay-scale, and transmits this information directly to a PC equipped with the appropriate time clock software. This information is now easily accessed, edited, and monitored by anyone with the appropriate password. This approach drastically cuts down on paperwork and countless administrative hours spent collecting and calculating payable hours from punch cards. With biometric systems, what used to take hours is virtually made instant.

There are many companies that specialize in biometric time clock systems. Some of these are as follows: Time America,,, Accu-Time Systems, Inc., and the Acroprint Time Recorder Co. As always, a good place to start shopping for the right biometric time clock system to meet your needs (and budget) is right here online.

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