Time Clocks

A guide to the different type of Time Clocks

Time Clocks

The following pages and links are designed to help anyone interested in time clock systems find out more about the options available to them. Detailed in these pages the reader will find many helpful suggestions, product descriptions, general sense of cost, and the pros and cons of different types of time clocks.

Time Clock Software

For instance, the page entitled Time Clock Software lists a few of the available software programs on the market, and discusses some of the ways they can positively affect your business. For instance, the most obvious way is by saving vast amounts of time by virtually eliminating the paperwork involved in calculating your employees' payable hours. These programs will automatically do these calculations for you, freeing up valuable time for managers to spend in more productive ways.

Time Clock Systems

You can also learn about the three basic types of time clock systems available: these are punch card systems (now mostly outperformed by other types), electronic swipe card systems which allow for easy clocking "in" and "out" using individualized credit-card sized cards, and biometric time clocks which replace a reliance on swipe cards (which are easily lost, stolen, or misused) with scans of employees' handprints or irises. In the page entitled biometric systems you can discover much more about how biometrics help crack down on fraudulent behavior, and increase security at the same time.

Electronic time clocks are another option you can discover more about. These consist of a small wall unit which a card is swiped through. The employee is recognized, the time and date noted, and that information is transmitted instantly to a PC computer which is equipped with time clock software already mentioned. Once there, the information can be easily monitored and edited to the satisfaction of the supervisor or manager.

Finally, there are a few brief descriptions of the punch card variety of time clocks to be found scattered around a few of the pages. Essentially, punch card clocks closely resemble a standard alarm clock in form, and function by stamping or printing the time "in" and "out" on small paper cards at the beginning and ending of each shift. While punch card systems are by and large outperformed by electronic and biometric systems in most every way, there is still some validity to them, attested to by their lingering existence on the market.

We hope you find this page a helpful tool for discovering more about time clock systems and the options available to you.

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