Video Projector Rental

Choosing a rental company

Video Projector Rental

If you are only going to need a video projector for a one off situation, it will most likely be cheaper to hire one. There are many places across the United States where you can hire a projector from - the company doesn't even have to be a local company.

Rental Companies

Some companies will provide their services anywhere in the States, and whilst you will probably have to pay a lot more, you will most likely also get a wider choice of projectors to choose from. However, there are down sides too: not only are local companies probably cheaper, but if something goes wrong with your projector, they will be on hand to repair or replace it, meaning that you can probably still continue with your presentation.

Before choosing a company for your video projector rental, try to obtain feedback from previous customers and be sure that you understand all their terms of use. Be wary of companies that seem to promise more than the price should deliver. Rental companies should always offer technical assistance so find out their opening hours before you hire. If you are ordering your projector from long distance, find out whether your hire time will include the transit time and always ask when the projector will be delivered and collected.

There are various things to consider when choosing which projector to hire. Most companies should be able to help you make an informed choice, but it is as well to look into things yourself too. You will probably be hiring either a LCD or DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector. If your presentation requires video footage, either from a computer or another video source, such as a DVD player, then DLP projectors will suit your needs better. LCD projectors are better suited to still images and graphics.


The success of your presentation could be greatly affected by light. If the room in which the presentation is to be given is bright, then you will need a very powerful projector. A video projectors brightness is measured in lumens and the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the projector will be. A good quality video projector will probably be around 3000-4000 lumens. The size of your audience will also affect your choice. Obviously a larger audience will require bigger projector screens and therefore a brighter projector.


The resolution of the projector is also something that should be considered carefully. Again this depends on the form of your presentation. A base entry SVGA 800x600 projector should serve you perfectly well for simple PowerPoint presentations, but if you are likely to be showing complicated videos, you will require a more powerful projector. Currently, the highest resolution available is VXGA 1600x1200. If you are running the projector from your computer, it is highly advisable to choose a projector that runs in the same resolution as your computer.

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