Slide Projectors

Perfect for showing off your holiday snaps

Slide Projectors

If you have recently returned from an exciting holiday and want to share your experiences with your friends and family, slide projectors are perfect for this job. The most common slide projector is the Carousel Slide Projector and this holds up to eighty slides. The photographs are held in a separate case which is rotated by an electric powered motor called a stepper motor; this automatically pushes out the used slide replacing it with a new photo which is slipped in between the light source and the lens. The slides need to be placed up side down to ensure they are viewed the correct way round.

A light bulb is used to shine through the transparent slide through a lens which directs the light towards the photograph and the produced image is enlarged and projected onto a screen for viewing. Mat, flat screens are more suitable as they provide the clearest visibility and representation of the photograph. There are screens available which consist of a collection of mirror lenses which reflect more of the light source for clearer viewing, however, the density of the colors does suffer.

As well as for entertainment, slide projectors can be used for business presentations. They provide excellent vehicles for displaying diagrams, photos and charts while maintaining a reasonable price. The use of a visual aid is a tried and tested way of providing stimulation to your audience when giving presentations.

Suitable Lenses

Slide projectors come with or without lenses. Lenses to choose from include zoom lenses, regular projection and flat field projection. Some projectors are able to combine a variety of different strength lenses providing you with the choice of the amount of focus you require. Some projectors focus images automatically while cheaper designs need to be manually focused by turning a wheel until you are satisfied. There are variables for the brightness of the lamp and lens. Dark screen shutters are also an option which avoids any blank slides in the middle of your slide show.

Remote controls are useful when giving slide show presentations as this gives you the freedom to walk and talk where ever you feel comfortable, rather than being glued to the projector itself. Remotes are available with cords attaching them to the projector, with wireless remotes and the choice of no remote control at all.

How much do they cost?

Prices of projectors can range from a basic range costing just over $100 to designs up to $800. The higher the price the higher the resolution usually is and before buying your projector, it is wise to establish your requirements: a projector for the occasional home use will not be appropriate for the wear and tear caused by constant use in galleries or museums.

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