Projector Bulbs

Commonly known as Projector Lamps

Projector Bulbs

Projector bulbs are one of the few parts that can actually be replaced, which is a good thing as it is also one of the most delicate parts of the projector unit. Projector bulbs are more commonly known as projector lamps, so if you are looking for a replacement bulb on the internet, you might get better results if you look for a lamp instead.

If you are looking for a bulb for an old overhead projector or a slide projector, always include this in your search, as these days most projectors are digital projectors. There are many places where you can still buy bulbs for these old machines.

Projector bulbs vary in design between manufacturers and sometimes even models, therefore before looking for a replacement bulb, it is vital that you know the make and model of your projector. If possible, you should always have a spare bulb for your projector, as you never know when the bulb is going to go. If this happens just before an important presentation and you don't have a spare bulb then there is really not a lot that can help you, but if you have a spare bulb with you, you could even score extra brownie points.

When you are looking for a new bulb, there are several things that you should look into in order to make the right choice. Obviously, the bulb needs to fit your projector, but it doesn't stop there. The quality of the bulb will affect the quality of the light that it emits, so it is important to get a good bulb. Not only will the light be better, but it will probably last longer. If your projector is permanently fixed to a projector ceiling mount, it will save you a great deal of inconvenience if you buy a good quality bulb that will last longer too. As a guide, it is good to try and find a bulb that has an estimated lifespan of around 2000 hours. A new bulb for a projector can cost between $100 and $600. The more expensive bulbs often come equipped with energy saving devices such as eco-modes, which mean that they will last even longer.

Disposing of Projector Bulbs

Most projector bulbs contain traces of mercury, which must be treated with care when you need to dispose of any old bulbs. It is a requirement of federal law to label any products clearly that contain mercury when disposing of them. The procedure for disposing of mercury varies between states, so for up to date information specific to your state, contact your state's environmental agency. You are liable to be fined heavily if you illegally dispose of any products containing mercury.

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