Power Point Projectors

Compatible with Microsoft Power Point

Power Point Projectors

Power Point Projectors, often known as 'presentation' projectors, are projectors either specifically designed or compatible with Microsoft Power Point software. As with all types of projection units these come in a variety of forms suitable for almost any purpose that they are required.

Microsoft Power Point

Microsoft Power Point software is a cutting edge package giving the user the ability to construct effective and impressive presentations primarily for use in an office situation. First appearing in the mid-90s Power Point and associated products have become a vital part of many workplaces, constantly updated, it gives the user access to a whole plethora of resources to help produce exciting and informative presentations.

Most digital projectors are compatible with the Power Point applications with many being designed specifically for use with Power Point. One example are Proxima projectors who produce a range of Power Point projectors with prices starting at around $2500 and rising to around $9000. Designed for a quiet, crisp and clear viewing experience this style of compact projector is ideal for the office situation. Even if the projector is not immediately wholly compatible there is usually software available to make it so. Small enough to carry it is also possible to purchase carry cases and some manufacturers now produce more heavy-duty flight cases.

Brightness & Resolution

As with purchasing any image projection system it is important that you find the right level of brightness (measured in ANSI lumens) and the most suitable resolution. In terms of resolution it is best to match the computers resolution to the projectors using Windows although this problem can usually be avoided by matching the equipments resolution i.e. if your PC uses XGA buy a projector that uses XGA. When it comes to brightness the higher the ANSI lumen the more clarity and impact the image will carry. For a small office gathering 1000 ANSI lumens should be sufficient with larger groups requiring more relative to space. It is also worth bearing in mind that the size and quality of the projector screens and the ambient light also have a strong bearing on the picture quality.

There is also a choice to be made in terms of which type of projector is most suitable to both your situation and your budget. The slightly cheaper LCD projectors (Liquid Crystal Display) give a good sharp image with good color and for respective bulb wattage are very bright, amongst the most common complaints being what is referred to as the 'chicken wire' effect where you can see distinct pixel formations. Generally slightly more expensive are DLP projectors (Digital Light Processing), whilst not perhaps quite as bright they avoid many of the inherent problems that the LCD projectors show. However, there is sometimes what is described as the 'rainbow effect' caused by the projectors spinning color wheel.

It may be worthwhile seeking some kind of demonstration of each type of projector whether it be in a store or at an office.

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