Panasonic Projectors

Pushing projector technology to it's limits

Panasonic Projectors

Panasonic have been leading manufacturers in projectors for many years now, with projectors in their catalogue to suit almost anyone's needs. Along side their existing products they continually strive to push the technology behind image projection to its limits creating innovative new ways to increase efficiency, picture quality and many other aspects of there products.

Low End Product Range

At the lower end in both size and price come Panasonics' range of portable LCD projectors, weighing anything between 3.5 and 12.8 lbs they are compact and light enough to be moved from situation to situation. At the same time they also have sufficient power to be effective in a variety of situations. Among their many useful features is these portable projectors One Touch 'Auto Everything' Set-Up function with digital keystone correction. This saves you both time and trouble by handling all picture adjustments without you having to worry so you can get on with job in hand!


In terms of resolution most of these smaller and cheaper projectors operate using an XGA resolution (1024 x 768) although the lowest priced projectors only operate using SVGA (800 x 600) like the PT-LM1U which usually retails at around $1,600. The most expensive portable model is the PT-L785U which at around $6000 is also networkable and can cope with resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 (UXGA). It is also very important that you purchase you purchase a projector with sufficient brightness. In these smaller models the cheapest starts at 1200 ANSI lumens progressing up to the most expensive portable model at 3200 ANSI lumens.

Panasonic also provide a very reasonably priced High Definition home cinema, the PT-AE700U which at around $2000 gives you 1000 ANSI lumens and XGA resolution with fantastic dynamic contrast to give a sharp and bright enough picture for any room!

High End Product Range

Above these come the more powerful, and therefore more expensive, models suitable for situations ranging from the classroom through to halls and auditoriums! At the smaller end of the scale come the PT-D5500U and PT-D6600U which at about $12,000 and $17,500 respectively provide 5000 ANSI lumens XGA and 3600 ANSI lumens SXGA respectively. Both of these and all the other more expensive models operate using DLP (Digital Light Processing) and all utilize Panasonics' highly acclaimed BriteOptic Duel-Lamp system, which not only provides outstanding brightness when required, it increases efficiency and saves power by using a combination of two projector bulbs, also removing the risk of irritating interruption caused by lamps burning out. Generally as the price increases you get more power and higher, clearer resolution as in PT-D7500U and PT-D7600U which at roughly $23,000 and $30,000 give you 5000 ANSI lumens XGA and 6000 ANSI lumens SXGA respectively.

At the top of the scale is the High Definition Cinema projector PT-D9610U which at a cool $125,000 gives you a whopping 12000 ANSI lumens and with all the latest technology is at the cutting edge of HD cinema projection.

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