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NEC Projectors

NEC has overtaken the leading contrast specification of 1800:1 and has produced the new model NECHT100 Projector which has a contrast of 3000:1. Contrast describes the ratio between black and white colors on the screen; the wider the ratio, the greater the facility for intricate and saturated coloring.


The brightness of the screen is measured in ANSI Lumens and this particular model is rated at 1000 ANSI lumens with the possibility of reducing to 800 with the activation of an eco-mode feature using the DLP technology. This diminishes the motor noise of the projector and increases the strength of the light.

How much will it cost?

This projector costs around the $4500 mark with a weight of just over 7lbs. The advanced contrast levels of the projector is achieved through a feature called the Iris which shuts out 20% from the over all Lumen capacity but gives the advantage of greater color saturation. However, most viewers will want to use the projector on the eco level as this is extends the lamp life to 2000 hours. This already means you are reducing the ANSI Lumens count to 800, plus the reduction of a further 20% because of the Iris feature, so to guarantee the most dramatic color saturation and detail, the 4:3 image screen might be the preferred screen size over the 16:9 which stretches the clarity from the optimum level of viewing.

New Models

The new models of NEC projectors LT240 and LT260 share the same characteristics but the brightness is much more impressive in the latter model. The extraordinary brightness of 2100 ANSI Lumens rated in the LT260 is produced for commercial use as this gives excellent projection qualities. The contrast specifications are less in the LT260 rated at 1600:1 compared to the 2000:1 in the LT240. However, although his is an advantage, if the Lumen output is brighter, there is going to be slightly less color saturation of the images itself.

The weight of both models is very similar and reaches just over 6.4 lbs which is substantially less than the HT100 model. Both of these models use the DLP technology which uses a spinning color wheel which boosts the deepness of color. For buyers who are worried about the usual rainbow effect drawback of this wheel technology, NEC has created a facility for reducing this problem.

The HT100 home theater projectors are a popular choice for budding home cinema equipment. If the distance in your room is limited, the LT240 model would be more suitable as this has a distance range of 3.5 feet-51.9 feet away form the screen. If you are using the projector for commercial use, the LT260 projector would be more ideal as it can be used at a maximum distance of 66 feet.

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