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InFocus Projectors

Infocus were founded in 1986 and have built themselves up to be a world-renowned leader in digital projection technology. Over time, their products have become brighter and easier to use and the growth of their business saw them branch out to the home entertainment area of projectors in 2001.

Infocus's global headquarters are in Oregon but they now have a European department based in Amsterdam and their Asia Pacific operations are based in Singapore and together, their sales departments serve more than 85 countries. All Infocus projectors are designed with ease of use in mind, and all their models now come with interactive displays to help you connect the projector to a computer and color coded cables.

Types of Projectors

Infocus have several ranges of projectors that are designed for specific uses. For instance, they have a business range, a home entertainment range and a wireless range. Within these departments, there are further categories that can help you to narrow your choice down to projectors that suit your needs. For instance, in the business range, there is a range of five portable projectors, three multi-use projectors, five projectors designed for the meeting room, and a range of four high power projectors. If cost is primary concern for your business, the multi-use projectors offer the best value for money. They all have an ANSI lumen rating of 1100-1600 and offer SVGA resolutions. Therefore, these projectors are probably best suited to PowerPoint presentations rather than projecting complicated video images. Prices for these entry-level projectors are all under $1000.

As a notebook computer is more expensive than its equivalent desktop, so are portable projectors. Generally, portable projectors offer better resolutions (XGA) and quality of projection as they use DLP technology. Prices are currently around the $1600-$2100 mark, although these will probably fall within the next couple of years. The most expensive business projectors are significantly more powerful than any other type of projector in the business field. Brilliant images can be produced with 4500 ANSI lumens and high resolution XGA graphics. Several of the models are fully wireless ready and compatible with Infocus 's projection software, ProjectorNetTM, which allows users control all the projectors on a network from a single computer.

In the home projectors department, there are three more categories. Infocus make projectors for entertainment (games, TV and movies), specialist home theater projectors and a projector that is designed to give the ultimate experience. This projector uses three DMD's and an outstanding Native 1280x720 resolution that gives as close to perfect images from a digital source as is realistically possible. The image from this projector has been proven to be better than any other plasma screen TV, any other flat panel LCD TV or even any other projector. All you need is a pocket deep enough to stand up in to be able to buy it!

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