Epson Projectors

A guide to the range of Epson Projectors

Epson Projectors

The Epson Powerlite Cinema 200+ is the new and modified version of the Cinema 200 model and is priced at $2999. Epson has increased the number of ANSI Lumens from 1300 to 1500, the higher the Lumen count, the brighter the image is on your screen.

Lumens refer to the measurement of light and ANSI is the average measurement of all the light output taken from areas of the screen. In the 200+ model, the contrast has risen from 800:1 to 1000:1 improving the shading details on the screen.

The new Epson projector is compatible with HDTV's, SDTV, component videos, PCs and any digital input. To give brief explanations of the above, HDTV's are High Definition Televisions which transmits images with brighter resolutions which are of a higher quality than the Standard Definition Television. Component videos are attachments where color luminance and signal information are recorded separately from color information before combining together in a master signal, which is the finished result. This model is based on a LCD display which displays 1280X1024 native pixels, pixels being the type of particles which create the picture. The weight of this model is 11.8lbs.

The above design is at the lower end of the Epson projector output. The top range of the scale is priced at $15,449 and is called the Powerlite 9300i. This uses all of the above accessories but everything is honed to a higher performance. The lamp light in the 9300i lasts 5300 hours longer than the 200+. In this model there is a greater volume of pixels which produces a higher resolution of image. All projectors have a certain amount of sound spillage but in the 9300i model is more energy efficient, giving out 4dB less noise production than in the 200+. The only advantage over the Cinema 200+ is it weighs the denser weight of 20.3 lbs.

The Epson Powerlite Cinema 500 is priced at $4999 and uses 1000 ANSI Lumens. It is 13.8 lbs and has a sound leakage of 36 dB. However, the reason for it being more expensive than the 200+ is because it hosts an input of High Definition of MultiMedia interface linking digital audio and video connections the projector.

Powerlite 821 multimedia Projector is priced around $3200 but prices may vary slightly. This is a portable projector which is perfect for transporting when giving presentations and is light enough to carry across the city. It has a display of 2600 ANSI Lumens with an XGA resolution. This is a fixed volume of pixels with the volume of 1020x768. The LCD display gives dramatic color saturation and has the minute level of a 30dB sound leakage.

The most cost effective Epson model is the Powerlite S1+Multimedia Projector this is priced at less than $1000 and has an ANSI lumen of 1400 weighing only 7lbs. This is perfect for home use as its contrast is not as effective as the above models but still offers good image quality in dark and lit rooms.

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