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In the last few years, projectors have taken on a new lease of life and instead of being seen as a rather dated and unfashionable piece of equipment, are now one of the ultimate status symbols of success and a sign of a sophisticated lifestyle. In business, the use of projectors has developed greatly and a good quality projector can help you to maximize the potential of any presentations that are made with it.

A few years ago, it was great to have a projector that could be wired up to more than one computer. Now some projectors can be placed wirelessly on a Local Area Network, meaning that the projector can be accessed from multiple computers, both remotely and locally. Sony have also recently introduced a projector that supports Ad-Hoc networking, meaning that any guests that come to give presentations in your office can potentially run the presentation from their laptop. Further to this, some projectors are now equipped with the ability to read memory sticks or CD-Roms, so you don't even need your computer at all to make a presentation.

There are many types of projectors available, not to mention brands and it is important to choose the right one in order to capitalize on your needs. The majority of projectors are LCD projectors, which are ideal for Power Point presentations and any other tasks of low technical demand. Complicated video data is best viewed through DLP projectors, although these tend to be more expensive. A quality DLP projector will be the finishing touch to any serious home theater enthusiast.

There are many things to consider when buying a projector and what you will use the projector for is just one of those considerations. Other factors include the room's brightness, size, audience size, whether the projector needs to be movable, fixed or ultra portable (i.e. for a mobile salesperson). We hope that the information on this site can help you to make choices regarding these issues.

In addition to the new breed of projector, this site contains information on the older types of projector - overhead projectors and slide projectors. However, the majority of the information that we have presented is about multimedia projectors. For anyone who has not kept up to date with the advances in projectors over the last few years, there is a lot to catch up on. This site is here to help you with this and assist you in the buying process, particularly at the very beginning. We cannot guarantee that information is entirely up to date, due to the competitive nature of the technology industry, but we have tried to make sure the information given will continue to be relevant for some time to come.

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