Wholesale Pens

Buy in bulk to make bigger savings

Wholesale Pens

Buying pens wholesale is not as difficult as you may initially think. Most pen related web sites are already geared up for dealing with wholesale enquiries.

In fact, most pen companies in the US - as well as overseas - are continually on the lookout for wholesale orders. Their widespread sales network of resellers and agents are therefore more than happy to help with bulk buying and high volume orders. To this end, pen web sites frequently have entire sections or pages devoted specifically to the subject of wholesale pens, so head for these whenever the word wholesale appears in the navigation menu.

Frequently, these wholesale pen pages have varying amounts of information and probably will not help you make a fully informed choice other than with regard to minimum order sizes and sometimes an indication of likely pricing structures. Most - if not all - will still require an initial query to be submitted. Normally, this is via an online form, email contact or by referral to the company's Customer Service or Sales Department who will contact you by phone to discuss your order.

Of course, not all pen web sites have obviously visible site navigation for wholesale buyers, so check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. More often than not, the company's preferred mode of communication for wholesale buyers will be indicated there along with full contact details.

If all else fails, try the site search button that's normally found on a web site's home page. Should you still get no results after entering the search term wholesale, it's definitely time to cut your losses and move on. Fortunately, we have taken a lot of the legwork, not to mention mousework, out of wholesale pen buying by dedicating this page to the topic and suggesting some likely ports of call. Be sure to check out the wholesalers we have on board before going anywhere else.

It should also be made clear that while some pen companies are satisfied dealing with one off or regular wholesale orders, others are taking a more measured and pro-active stance. Instead of a quest for instant sales volumes, some pen wholesalers are willing to put in the extra effort of creating sustainable and stable business relationships with clients whom they can have a long running and mutually beneficial business relationship. This distinction is what marks out a best practise company from those that are simply good companies. The requirement to find this type of step change company will, naturally, depend on your own business requirements and projected order volumes etc.

Online, as already stated, is the best place to research wholesale pens. The best deals hinge on volume so it pays to shop around.

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