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Sensa Pens

Of all the leading pen manufacturers around today, arguably, it is SENSA that is the foremost in the use of high tech materials and ergonomics.

Their approach, which marries scientific design, function and flair, has lead to SENSA re-defining pen making in recent years; a fact that has been widely recognized. SENSA's thoughtful design and carefully crafted pens have earned the company many technical awards and raised their product range to the level of icon status.

Among the many accolodes for SENSA pens are starring roles as design classics in such esteemed museums as The Louvre in Paris, France, the Smithsonian Institute, New York's Museum of Modern Art and the Wexner Center of the Arts. And equally prestigious has been the Silver Industrial Design Award granted by the Industrial Design Society of America and which marks out a design as truly superior.

None of this, of course, came about by accident. The SENSA pen was ten years in the making from the day the idea to create a completely ergonomic writing instrument was hatched until its launch in 1995. To devise the mold-breaking pen the SENSA was to become, the first step was to completely rethink the pen without pre-conceptions. The starting point was, "What would make the hand feel most comfortable using a writing instrument?"

A decade of experimentation and 'thinking out of the box' arrived at a number of fundamental conclusions. To achieve optimum ergonomic properties it was crucial that the pen be properly counter-balanced. Strong but lightweight alloys were therefore selected for the barrel.

Throughout the design process it was continually borne in mind that all the elements of the pen needed to be complementary and come together as one cohesive design. Particular attention was paid to how the SENSA pen would be gripped. This resulted in the development of plasmiumT, a gel-like material that adopts the contours of the user to provide a truly ergonomic, comfortable grip, which reduces the overall stresses normally incurred through writing by over 50%.

Nothing was left to received wisdom and so the ink drive mechanism was completely reworked too and a unique solution arrived at. Ditto the ink refills which are pressurized and enable SENSA pens to function:

. underwater
. upside down
. over grease
. on photographic prints
. in 0 gravity
. from 40 below zero to to 150F
. and to keep on writing for 3.5 miles!

In fact, wherever there's a hostile environment you'll find a SENSA pen. Just ask NASA for whom the pressurized ink refill was developed. Today, SENSA's pens are used on all manned space flights, their carbon nickel fiber barrels being ideal for the electrically-sensitive cockpit environment of the Space Shuttle.

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