Personalized Pens

The versatile marketing tool

Personalized Pens

As a means of raising brand-awareness or bolstering an identity, personalized pens are an important component of any promotional campaign. For what it is, the personalized pen is a multi-tasking wonder, equally at home as a small goodwill gesture, a commemoration of an event or promotional tool. Indeed, the important point about personalized pens is not to under-estimate their importance.

As part of a wider marketing campaign or as a one-off, the personalized pen has stood many an organization in good stead over the years. Schools, colleges, businesses and voluntary organizations are all realizing the significant part personalized pens play in getting their message across to a large audience for a modest outlay and distribution effort.

Each company, organization or academic institution has different needs and the best personalized pen companies readily acknowledge this and work with clients to ensure their products fully meet expectation and are delivered on time and to budget. It's therefore relatively straight-forward to order personalized pens so long as the artwork is camera-ready.

If not, the personalized pen company will work with you to ensure there are no problems with the artwork and thus avoid unnecessary delays shipping your personalized pens to their final destination. Some companies also have in-house art departments and, for an extra charge, will create camera-ready artwork that you sign off prior to the order being processed.

By shopping around and putting in time and effort into the research, it's perfectly feasible to find a stylish but inexpensive pen to serve your needs. Inexpensive does not, of course, automatically equate with cheap. Purchasing in bulk will drive down the unit price significantly though and help ensure your budget goes even further.

The good news is that the personalized pen industry is a competitive market and great deals are there for the asking. If you haven't considered personalized pens before, now is a good time to be giving them some serious thought.

In overall budgetary terms, expenditure on personalized pens is normally not a significant consideration and should be a perennial in the marketing and promotion budget. Quite apart from the high-value promotional worth of pens discussed earlier - and elsewhere on this site - personalized pens are a versatile addition to any marketing effort. They can serve as standalone promotional tools, e.g. for a trade show or exhibition, or easily slot into a pre-existing marketing campaign as a useful adjunct.

Whichever way personalized pens are deployed bear in mind, especially with high volume orders, not to imprint information that will ultimately date. For example, a pen stamped "Dallas trade show 2005" will be out of date in a year and won't go down well when the trade show circuit moves on from Dallas.

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