Pen Refills

What kind of refill do you need?

Pen Refills

Sooner or later, we all need to look for pen refills, whether it's through use or the initial need to get ink for a new pen that doesn't come supplied with a cartridge.

Before rushing to buy pen refills, a lot of time can be saved by finding out exactly what type of pen refill you need to purchase.

First, check the brand name and model of your pen. Also, is it a ballpoint pen or fountain pen?

Next, if your pen refill is a replacement for a used one, carefully take your pen apart, noting the sequence and ensuring no parts get lost. Remove the spent refill and jot down any markings, trade names or serial numbers stamped on the refill. Keep your note safe, a piece of paper is much preferable to having a leaky refill cartridge rolling around your desktop or coat pocket.

Take care when dismantling the pen, but remember that most will require a twist or a firm tug to separate the barrel sections. When disassembled, measure the length of the refill cartridge with a ruler. Some accuracy is necessary as the pen refill could be from 4 1/2 inches to 5 7/8 inches long.

What color of ink is best?

Having established the type of pen refill required, the next decision is which color of ink to choose. Again, your decision will be based on the intended use of the pen; everyday or business pens will, in most cases, be a straight choice of personal preference for blue or black ink. Both are good choices. However, black ink may edge it for business-people; it looks more professional and may be a legal requirement for signing documents etc.

Similarly, form-filling is now an ever-increasing and regular demand on our precious time and frequently these forms stipulate they should only be completed in black ink. Usually this is because the forms are scanned by computer for conversion into digital format. Like photocopiers, these scanners evidently prefer black to blue ink.

Not to be overlooked is red ink. If you edit paper documents, red ink is ideal for highlighting changes or deletions as it stands out far more visibly than blue or black.

Regular computer users when writing text documents will normally edit on screen, spellcheck and then do a final proof-reading on paper. Invariably, the on-screen version may look okay, but nine times out of ten there will be further changes inexplicably leaping out of the page when the document is viewed on paper. The best way to handle these changes is to mark them up on the print out in red ink as you go along and then make the corrections when the entire document has been read through.

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