National Pens

The history behind the brand

National Pens

The National Pen Corporation is a rare breed among pen makers. For this family-owned firm manufactures pens and the ink that goes in them.

Whereas other manufacturers buy in their ink for from external contractors - or even sell their pens without ink - National Pen Corporation has taken an end-to-end approach when it comes to their pens.

Relatively-speaking the new kid on the block, National Pen Corporation (NPC) was formed in 1966. For nearly forty years, the San Diego headquartered company has been a major direct selling specialty company, wholesaling via mail order. Their market is business customers and professional people who need imprinted pens, pencils and other specialty items branded for marketing and advertising purposes. The main selling channel for National Pen Corporation is mail order, telemarketing, direct mail marketing and online.

The bulk of National Pen products are manufactured at the company's production center in Tennessee and shipped from there to markets and suppliers across the US. The ink for National pens is made at National Ink Inc. in California which supplies not only National Pen but sells ink to other US and international pen and marker pen companies.

National Pen also has an international facet, owning Perfect Pen and Stationery in Canada and Pluma Nacional in Mexico where most of the promotional and advertising packaging is carried out and mechanical pencils assembled.

In addition, NPC has a wholly-owned subsidiary, National Pen Ltd., who are based in Dundalk, Ireland to manufacture and sell into the expanding European market. From Dundalk, National Pen Ltd. conducts operation in a total of 12 European Union markets, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland and Norway. Approximately 7 million pieces of language-specific mail are despatched each year from NPC's Irish base.

Customer Care

It is because of the emphasis placed on customer care that National pens are so prolific in the advertising and promotional segment of the market. National Pen Corporation firmly believes in getting to know the customer's business and establishing a relationship to ensure their products hit the spot. To this end, NPC deploys a pool of highly trained customer care representatives to work with clients on branding and selecting the best products to serve their needs whether it be for trade shows, special events, employee recognition, building market share or showing appreciation.

However, rather than being bounced around several people, it's possible to request an assigned account executive to manage all your business transactions and deal personally with all your account transactions.

The National Pen Corporation web site, meanwhile, is a good source of advertising and promotional ideas and discusses ways in which National pens and their other products can be deployed for maximum impact.

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