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Beware of fake / counterfeit pens

Montblanc Pens

Imitation is allegedly the sincerest form of flattery. But not always.

For Montblanc pens are among the world's most copied, counterfeited and faked pens in the world. Such is their prestige and desirability that the only sure way to obtain the genuine article is by purchasing from an authorized Montblanc dealer.

Montblanc themselves acknowledge that illegal copies of their world famous “Montblanc pen” are a problem. They warn visitors to their website, “Montblanc sells its products exclusively through its boutiques and international network of authorized retailers”.

"Internet users are advised that many products sold online and identified as Montblanc products, may, in fact, be counterfeits, second hand, have been damaged through the removal of their serial numbers or otherwise tampered with or of doubtful origin.”

"Such products are not covered by Montblanc's international guarantee/warranty, which can only be issued through its authorized retailers and will not benefit from Montblanc's high quality After Sales services in accordance with Montblanc's strict quality and control standards."

So what is it that makes a Montblanc pen so sought after and such attractive targets for counterfeit good crooks?

The answer must surely, and deservedly, lie with Montblanc's painstaking efforts to attain writing perfection in all their pens. But as well as expert design, precision engineering and strict quality control, the Montblanc label places particular emphasis on customer service and after sales.

The company's origins stretch back to 1906 when a German engineer, named Eberstein, began making pens in Hamburg. These first Montblanc pens were simple 'eye dropper' type pens with slip on caps and gold nibs imported from the US. Before long Eberstein found himself foundering financially and but for the intervention of backers in 1908 no-one would have heard about the Simplo pen company.

Some twists and turns later, including further financial turmoil and Eberstein's departure, and Montblanc had established itself on the world stage. The stylized white star first appeared around 1910.

Luxury Pens, would you pay $100,000?

From the 1950s onward Montblanc has been best known for producing luxury pens featuring 14 carat gold and solid silver caps and barrels. The zenith of opulence was reached in 1994 with the introduction of the Platinum Meisterstück Royale, an 18 carat gold and diamond encrusted pen that retailed for $100,000.

Taking its name, Montblanc, from the highest peak in western Europe, the company has always held high ambitions and has fulfilled these by becoming the pinnacle of writing pens for the elite. From its base in Hamburg, Montblanc has today grown into a multinational pen corporation with operations in over 70 countries worldwide.

In more recent years, Montblanc has moved to complement its luxury line of pens by diversifying into luxury top quality leather goods, eyewear, desk accessories, jewelry, and fragrance.

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