Logo Pens

Their global marketing appeal

Logo Pens

Ever wondered why logo pens are so popular? Ever wondered why just about every company you can think of gives away logo pens?

The reason for this pervasive spread of logo pens is because they work extremely well as a promotional and marketing tool. If this wasn't the case, why would so many companies do it?

A cheap marketing tool

As a cheap but effective method of marketing, investing in logo pens makes good business sense as they are a proven means of ensuring repeat business from your customers.

Without a doubt, the logo pen ranks highly for Return on Investment when you consider the lifetime of a pen compared to the shelf-life of newspaper and magazine advertising. For instance, a logo pen can easily provide most people with at least six months of writing time. That's six months that the recipient has your branding and company name in mind each time they use their pen. The cumulative marketing effect therefore is vastly multiplied compared to a few glances, if that, that an advert in a newspaper or magazine might receive from the same person.

Marketers know this more than well: to market effectively takes time, to build up brand awareness is a steady process. In order to gain recognition, then, print advertising has to be a repetitive and expensive course of action. The humble logo pen by contrast is cheap but kicks ass.

In some ways the logo pens has been doing for decades what today's promotion and marketing experts call viral marketing. Like the word of mouth recommendation or the email newsletter and e-zine which are passed from one interested party to another, the logo pen acts in much the same manner. Because there are so many freebie pens around, there's often a tendency for logo pens to be given away or otherwise acquired by persons not originally targetted by you. Hopefully, by this process, the logo pen has not only put your company name and logo under the nose of an existing customer but subsequently reached someone who will prove to be a potential new customer you may not otherwise have reached. Two strikes for the price of one!

Points to consider

Having examined the reasoning behind the logo pen, what else ought to be borne in mind before placing an order?

Ensure the pen selected is of good quality and will represent your company in the best light. Cheapest is not always best when selecting a logo pen. Spending a few cents more per unit will pay if it means avoiding an imported pen that's a low-quality counterfeit copy.

Be clear on the print area of the pen that will contain your logo and business details and adjust to suit the space available.

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