Imprinted Pens

Helping you project a professional image

Imprinted Pens

When you add up the cost of winning new business and retaining existing customers, a low-cost but highly effective solution is imprinted pens.

For as little as $300, it's possible to get around 150 pens imprinted with your company name and logo on the barrel.

As promotional and marketing tools, imprinted pens punch above their weight. Your branding is seen every time the pen is used by the customer, helping to fix the company name in their mind much more than the equivalent sum spent on newspaper advertising.

Gift or goodwill gesture?

Imprinted pens, though, do not fall into the category of gift in most people's mind. They're seen as a small token of appreciation, a goodwill gesture in return for a customer's business. However, do not under-estimate the impact imprinted pens can have in winning new business and retaining customers. In the grand scheme of things, the cost of imprinted pens is a minor expense but one which shouldn't be overlooked in helping to project a professional image. Attention to detail is all in business, so skimping a few bucks on your company's charm offensive makes little sense.

In terms of advertising a company, organization or event, imprinted pens stack up well. The message is there all the time worming its way into your target audience's subconscious, which is, after all, the point of advertising: changing or influencing behaviour.

Anyone who has ever been in charge of an advertising budget will tell you not to expect overnight results. Advertising is an accumulative effect; the message has to be seen several times before it registers on the radar. Newspaper and magazine advertising is, by its very nature, here today and gone tomorrow.

By contrast, your imprinted pen is being carried around daily in pocket, purse or briefcase, your branding writ large each and every time the pen is used. Over time that amounts to a lot of exposure when you consider the average ballpoint pen contains enough ink to draw a line stretching for well over a mile.

One way of looking at the business case for imprinted pens is to consider it as buying advertising space on a client or potential client's desk. For even the smallest of companies, just one new additional sale could more than recoup the outlay.

In today's competitive business landscape, image and brand building are become more crucial; substantial time and effort is required to distinguish your company or organization from the herd. While it would be wrong to imply that imprinted pens are a marketing panacea, they should not be easily dismissed either. No matter the type of business you're in, imprinted pens will prove a valuable addition to your marketing arsenal and the pursuit of customers.

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