Engraved Pens

Stopping a potential customer in their tracks

Engraved Pens

In today's hectic high-pressure world getting the customer's ear can be as challenging as converting your pitch into an actual sale. With a little help from an engraved pen getting a hearing in the first place may prove to be that little bit easier.

As a customised giveaway the engraved pen judiciously utilized can make that potential customer take a moment from the white noise of modern life and listen to what you have to say, and as all salespeople know, getting the audience to listen is half the battle.

Take the trade show or exhibition, for instance. Scarcely can there be a more demanding environment for any business, pressed cheek by jowl with competitors' stands and the weight of management expectation hanging over everyone involved. Research shows that at trade shows and exhibitions there's barely four seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your stand. Fail to engage the visitor or make eye contact and the visitor will simply wander off to the next stand.

However, by giving away free engraved pens the chances of making a sale are greatly enhanced. Crucially, you have stopped the visitor in their tracks and bought the vital few extra seconds required to draw them in. Short of putting up an obstacle course to hamper the flow of human traffic, there's very little that works as effectively for such a small expenditure.

A little ingenuity goes a long way where engraved pens are concerned. Placing engraved pens wherever customers gather is effective and requires relatively little input. For example, almost all visitors to company premises are required to sign a visitors' book for security and fire reasons, so here's an ideal spot where engraved pens can be located.

Think laterally too. There's almost guaranteed to be venues outwith your own premises and selling outlets where engraved pens can lend a hand in promoting the company.

Regardless of how you intend using your engraved pens, plan ahead. Have a firm idea of how many pens you need in order to take advantage of discounts for bulk orders. Including an engraved pen in with a direct mailing to customers is the easiest way to estimate volume. As timeless giveaways, though, estimating the number of engraved pens will be down to personal experience. In these circumstances, be sure that whatever information is included on engraved pens will not be overtaken by events. Are you moving to larger premises? Or changing domain name or contact details?

Order your engraved pens in plenty of time too. Allow at least one month to give yourself some leeway and have an alternative engraved pen selected should your first choice pen be out of stock or of insufficient quantity.

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