Custom Pens

A cheap alternative to email marketing

Custom Pens

Retaining customers, securing repeat business and winning new clients are the three main goals in keeping any company trading in a profitable manner. When asked about strategies for maintaining business momentum, who amongst us would list custom pens as a no-brainer?

Probably not that many, which is in itself a little strange when the evidence that points to custom pens being a generator of new business is taken into account. Despite the wealth of positive research and anecdotal evidence on the subject, the custom pen is relatively unsung as a business creator. Under-rated they may be, ignored they should not be. And all the more so today.

Over the past decade almost all companies have been looking to the internet as means to open up a lucrative new channel to market. Undoubted success is all around us without question. But now, in a classic case of being a victim of its own success, the web is in danger of coming unstuck thanks to spammers.

Spam, unsolicited email, has prompted email filtering as a means of fighting back. Unfortunately, legitimate email messages and newsletters from companies to their existing customers are frequently caught in the mesh of these filters too. As the internet, to an extent, starts to eat itself, many companies are now looking for cheap low-tech alternatives to email marketing. And what they are realizing is that custom pens fit the bill perfectly.

Having marked time, the custom pen is now enjoying something of a comeback as a means to gain brand exposure with clients both existing and new. It's not a case of re-inventing the wheel. It's more to do with those with their hands on the steering controls - having been born and raised in the era of the computer and internet - finally discovering the real marketing value of the custom pen.

The wheel, then, has turned full circle for the custom pen. Not so very long ago the custom pen appeared consigned to the ignominious fate of obsolete dead tree-using marketing tool. The custom pen, however, edged out by the digital instantaneous world of the web was not going to go quietly or easily fade away.

With literally thousands of pens to choose from, whether it's gel pens, bic pens, ballpoint pens or parker pens, it's not difficult to find the custom pen that best suits your customer base and budget. A little thought and planning will ensure that no matter how exacting your needs, there's a custom pen available to exactly match your criteria. So take a bit of time and the custom pen you order will have that tailor-made feel your customers expect and deserve. Just remember the custom pen didn't get where it is today without being a brilliant idea in the first place.

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