Cross Pens

Pens with a lifetime mechanical warranty

Cross Pens

Think luxury, think style and one of the pen manufacturers most likely to be brought to mind is Cross.

Based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, A. T. Cross has enjoyed well over 150 years in the manufacture of fine writing instruments on the world stage. What Cross doesn't know about making pens isn't worth knowing.

Listed on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) under the symbol ATX, the company has come a long way in a century and a half. The pen company that we know for its exquisite pens and jewelry-quality craftsmanship started small but matured to become America's first manufacturer of quality writing instruments.

Richard Cross - Founder of the Cross Business

The founder, Richard Cross went into business just as America prepared for war with Mexico. Despite the inauspicious start up timing, Cross and his son, Alonzo Townsend Cross, built up a thriving business. In 1916 the family-run business was sold to an employee, Walter R Boss, whose grandsons now head the company.

Recognizing and appreciating their long heritage, the company states, "What we're most proud of, though, isn't all that's changed in the 158 years we've been around. It's what hasn't changed. Headquartered in beautiful Lincoln, Rhode Island, just outside Providence, A. T. Cross is proud to still be a part of the community we helped build. And we still make products unsurpassed in quality and value, one at a time and by hand, just as Richard Cross did."

But it would be wrong to assume that this most American of pen companies is stuck in a time warp. Far from it. Cross pens today are the hottest, hippest, cutting edgiest around and sold in more than 140 countries.

To get to this position, Cross has fervently been of the mind that design and functionality are not mutually exclusive but inexorably intertwined. It's this principle that has continually driven A. T. Cross to be a market leader and innovator; over the decades Cross pens have been the subject of many important "firsts" for the pen manufacturing industry.

Because of this there is now a heavy mantle expectation placed upon Cross products. The consumer expects to be getting something special for their dollar and this level of customer anticipation has been readily acknowledged and delivered upon by Cross. Such is their commitment to producing the finest writing tools available that quality control is a fundamental work ethic. In fact, Cross allows any employee in production to reject a part or product that appears faulty.

Further, Cross underwrites each and every pen with a lifetime mechanical warranty. Any Cross pens returned for service are repaired or replaced at no charge.

Who else, we may reasonably ask, has such utter confidence in their product to make this pledge?

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