Are they really mightier than the sword?


Pens in one shape or form have been around for thousands of years. As literacy levels rose throughout history and the technology improved, the pen became deeply ingrained in society's collective psyche, hence the saying that in the right hands 'the pen is mightier than the sword'.

Whether it's writing a shopping list, corresponding by letter or taking notes at a business meeting we each always have a pen to hand. The pen, then, is a universal constant in our lives whether we realize it or not.

Acknowledging this unchanging fact of life, this site is devoted to pens in all their multi-faceted existence. From a Fisher space pen that will write in zero gravity to the grace and beauty of yesteryear's quill pen, we get straight to the point about pens.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of pen users everywhere we reveal that the digital backlash is underway. Zeros and ones are all very well, but don't compare to the intimacy and personal touch that only a fountain pen on crisp writing paper can lend a communication.

It's this tactile experience that drives today's pen sales. Reconnecting with pen and ink - the permanence of getting thoughts and important information 'down on paper' - we round up all the top brand pen manufacturers from Cross pens to Waterman pens. Discover some of the heritage of each of these big name pen makers and what their products are.

Moving on from best in breed pens and the desirability of owning a top quality writing instrument you'll probably pass onto your grandchildren as an heirloom, we delve into custom pens. Every company, organization or academic institution should check out what the humble pen can do to promote their business or event.

Learn, for instance, what constitutes camera-ready artwork and how to avoid the common pitfalls of getting your message across on the side of a pen. Not only that, also to be found are some great tips and hints on maximizing your return on investment and discover how promotional pens are a vital and versatile part of the marketing department's toolkit.

If you're thinking big, you're as likely as not thinking wholesale as well. Don't worry, we have that covered too. Check out our wholesale pens page for info on searching for and approaching a company with your wholesale inquiry.

Pens, it goes without saying, would be nothing without ink. Millions have been spent over the centuries on research into making ink stay in the pen or on the page. But accidents can happen and still do. Find on our ink pens page how to remove ink stains and how to prevent them occurring.

Need a pen refill? Go to our pen refills page first.

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