Phone on Hold Message

No-one wants to hear a holding tone

Phone on Hold Message

One of the most annoying things a potential client or customer can face when phoning your company is being put on hold. But society now recognizes the need for waiting on hold when phoning successful companies, however they may find it a very trying experience if all they are left listening to is a holding tone.

A large number of customers will simply hang up. Installing a Phone on hold message will greatly increase the numbers of customers who do wait until one of your customer service representatives are able to deal with them. How do they achieve this? By being informative and entertaining.

The most basic phone on hold messages might sound something like this: 'We are sorry but due to high demand all our available customer service representatives are busy. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line and we will connect you the next available assistant." This serves the purpose of reassuring the customer that they have not indeed been forgotten, stuck in the dark recesses of your company's phone system, but will be waited on shortly. It also has the effect of informing the customer that they are on to a good thing: they are about to do business with a company so successful that they can barely keep up with increasing demand.

These days having that basic phone on hold message is a must, however if your company has the means it can do much, much more. One of the best technical advances in recent years is the ability to inform the customer of the average waiting time before their call will be answered. If the waiting time is too long many systems will give the caller the option of leaving a message and wait for a customer service representative to phone back. One useful bit of information many companies forget to put on their on hold messages is a notice informing the client of just what the representative they are waiting for will be able to assist them with. With phone menu systems getting larger and more complex it is very easy to end up waiting for 20 minutes for a representative who can't help you.

On hold messages can also be used to inform the caller of what information the company requires in order to serve the caller in an efficient manner. Reminding the customer that they must have their credit card or customer reference number handy will save time for the company and the client. The client is sure to appreciate the reminder. After all time is money for all of us.

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