On Hold Message with Music

Selecting an appropriate playlist

On Hold Message with Music

We all know how it is: you start out as a small company offering a personal service but your business is successful. The company grows and you find it harder and harder to maintain that personal touch with your clients. You start employing larger numbers of customer service representatives but even they can't keep up with demand.

Potential clients as well as loyal customers are getting fed up of waiting to talk to you so they hang up and that's potential profits just thrown away. How do you keep them interested, informed and on the line? Nothing can beat an on hold message with music.

Do you want to offer your customers the smooth sophisticated sounds of classical music, or the funky upbeat rhythms of pop? What ever type of music you prefer remember that your choice of music reflects on your business, and consequently can be a powerful marketing tool. Does your business aim to attract the fun loving young generation by showing that your business keeps up with the trends and has it's finger on the pulse of the future? Or do you want your business to show that it is grounded in tradition and stability, a solid choice with proven reliability and good taste? Obviously the choice of music is huge, but if you do not choose appropriately, the effects could be disastrous. Imagine the annoyance that you would cause your customers if you were forcing them to listen to heavy metal, or rap and they couldn't stand that kind of music. Therefore as a general rule, if you have a diverse customer base keep your on hold music as mainstream as possible. Easy listening or classical music is often the most appropriate choice.

Not only can on hold messages with music keep customers and potential clients entertained, but it can also prove a powerful information and marketing tool. Why waste the valuable opportunity of having a captive audience? You can use their time on hold to keep them informed of new products and services that you are offering. Playing such sound bites means that you will not have to use your customer service representatives to offer these items to customers. If customers are interested they can approach you, but you won't have to spend time during a live call soliciting. Also many times customers will be phoning in for simple information such as opening hours, or a web address. Well you can leave all that information on a prerecorded message that will play while they wait. Let's face it, time is money for both you and your clients. Your customers will appreciate it as it will cut down the time they have to wait for the information they want, and you will appreciate it because you won't have to pay someone to give out such basic information.

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