Message on Hold System

Preventing customers from needlessly waiting

Message on Hold System

It is hard to imagine anything more irritating that phoning up a customer help line to ask a simple question like, 'what time to you close?' or 'are you open Sundays?' and having to wait for hours on hold as the customer service representatives deal with other customers.

If your business is in demand and you have to leave your clients on hold for long periods it's time to consider purchasing a message on hold system for your business. Depending on how sophisticated your requirements and how large your budget is you can acquire a message on hold system that will offer your customers varying degrees of information.

We've all been there, you've been on hold for five minutes and although you've been waiting for much longer than you intended to keep holding because you never know if you are only seconds away from being served. One of the most useful features a message on hold system can offer is an estimation of waiting time before your call is answered. This information can assist customers in deciding whether it is worth waiting, or if they should call back at a later time. Many systems also offer a feature that will allow customers who are facing a long wait to opt for leaving a message for your customer service team. This feature can really make your popular with clients as they don't have to waste any time or money staying on hold. Just be certain that your company and system are organized enough to phone them back in good time, or else this potentially great feature will become a negative experience your customers will not easily forget.

As we said earlier on hold messages are great for preventing customers from needlessly waiting, but they can also speed up your customer service calls by informing customers of what you require from them to serve them better. So often a customer will end up waiting on hold only to make the representative wait while they go hunting for their customer number, or credit card. With an on hold system you can notify your customers before they are connected of what they will need in order to be served.

In addition these systems can also be a great marketing tool for businesses. Many companies today spend millions phoning up, or sending out mailings, to inform customers of new products and services that your company are offering. When you have a customer on hold you have a captive audience that has actually contacted you. Without a message on hold system you will not be able to use that time share offers with your customers and clients.

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