Marketing Message On Hold

Promoting your business, whilst your clients wait

Marketing Message on Hold

Of the millions of ways to market and promote your business, a marketing message on hold is possibly the most overlooked, although it may well be the most cost and time-effective marketing tool available. Why is the marketing message on hold system so valuable? Well when else do you have captive audiences that are contacting you?

If your business is doing so well that customers and clients have to hold don't waste all that valuable time! Not only do customers get bored with waiting on hold, but some might even hang up. With a Marketing Message you can make the most of their time on hold.

Perhaps you have a new product to offer, or some updated service information for clients? Don't waste valuable 'live' call time telling each customer. Rather with a marketing message on hold system you can share this information with each customer that calls in while they are waiting on hold. Chances are they will appreciate this information and if they have any questions they can ask a customer service representative when their call gets answered. Sometimes your marketing message may just well be the information the client was calling to find out about and if you leave a web address they may continue to research what you have to offer online, to great savings for you, the business.

Marketing goes beyond telling potential clients what your business has to offer. Marketing also involves putting across an image to the public of what your business is about. Be careful what style, and voice you choose to record your on hold messages. Making careless choices can send the wrong messages. Businesses that are trying to project the image of young, 'finger on the pulse,' in touch with the generation should make sure that their messages sound suitable trendy, while a long established department store may find that a dignified, slightly upper-class voice and style might appeal to the sort of shoppers that the business is trying to attract.

Another powerful tool is an on hold message with music. Here again, like choice the voice, you must be careful that your choice of music suggests the kind of people you would like to attract. Perhaps the department store would play classical music, while the funky new clothing store might play whatever was hot in the charts at that time. The more often they update the music the more up to date their business will appear. If you don't feel that music is terribly important for your company's image it's still a nice idea to play music simply to keep your clients entertained while they wait. At the least it keeps them reasonable happy, entertained and on hold to listen to all the marketing messages you system has to play for them.

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