Document Management Scanning

Transferring files from paper to a computerized database

Document Management Scanning

In today's increasingly digital world, many businesses are seeing the transfer of files from paper or microfilm onto a computerized database as being a good way to gain space and increase access to essential files.

A computerized database is an even better idea if your business operates from multiple offices. Instead of having to fax a document to another office, the recipient can simply download it by logging into the server from the second location.

If you are thinking about document management scanning, the biggest choice you have to make is whether to do them yourself or employ a professional service to carry out the work for you. If your company is a small one, then you will probably be able to carry out the work internally, although it may be worth hiring an individual to do this. Before you transfer any files, you need to have a database and searching facility ready to use. This way you can have access to any file whenever you need it during the transfer process.

Document Scanning Services

However, if your company is large, then it is advisable to employ a service to carry out this work for you. There are several companies across the United States offering document scanning services, though you might find a local service that can offer more competitive pricing.

In terms of the leading players, microMedia Imaging Systems Inc. are possibly the world's leading document scanning service. They operate around the globe, and clients have included companies such as IBM. Since 1975, they have been backing up office files, originally onto microfilm, and by 1987 they were producing electronic images documents. They offer you the option of on site transfers, or you can choose to have the work undertaken at microMedia's closest offices. microMedia themselves recommend that you agree to have the work done at your office for security and access reasons. This way there is no chance of documents being lost in transit and, should you need it, you will also be able to access important documents.

microMedia also offer sophisticated document hosting service, meaning that you can access your business files from anywhere in the world through the internet by logging on to your own account. Only authorized users are able to log on as a means of data protection and security. By using this service, you can also easily keep your records up to date, by scanning and emailing any additional files to microMedia, who will add the files to your database.

If the documents you are hoping to transfer are from rare, and fragile sources, microMedia will use special cradles designed not to harm the source. It must be said that if they consider the source to be too delicate to be scanned even using these forgiving cradles, you will not be able to have the information transferred.

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