Document Scanning

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Document Scanning

The facility of document scanning and images has become increasingly important since emails and the internet became an integral part of office communications. Now they are very useful for home users too. Most new computer packages will come equipped with a scanner and those who have them would probably agree that they are a very useful addition to the computer system.

One of the most useful things about scanners is the ability to transfer real paper documents (or even films and microfilms) almost instantly over the internet anywhere in the world without even paying postage. They can also be put to good use as an alternative to photocopying if you are in a rush. Most domestic and office scanners are known as flatbed scanners and can scan only up to A4 size. Larger scanners cost thousands of dollars and are probably only worth purchasing by professional scanning companies.

This website gives a brief introduction to the possibilities of document scanning. We have tried to include all potential uses for scanning in broad terms, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning and information about document scanning services. In an increasingly digital age, many companies are choosing to transfer many of their files from paper or microfilm to the computer. Professional companies exist to carry out this painstaking task for you. Even if the costs are high, in the long term, the extra office space and the increased speed of access to important files will be worth a great deal and you could even make the money back relatively quickly with increased productivity.

As far as image scanning is concerned, we have tried to explain some fundamental aspects to getting the best from your scans. Essentially this requires balancing two variables- the color setting and the resolution. For more detailed information, go to the image scanning page.

Choosing the right document scanning software also plays a part in how successful your scans will be. New scanners will almost invariably come with scanning software included with the driver disc, but it is worth considering alternatives too, particularly if you plan to be doing a lot of OCR scanning. We have included a page on scanning software to help you with this process. It should be made clear that we cannot rate the individual scanning programs that are provided with scanners. They are often updated and so this information will very quickly become out of date.

This also applies for the prices of scanners. There is very little point in recommending specific retailers or giving prices for scanners or scanning software here as these prices are continuously changing. Computer shops not exactly rare and the most reputable internet retailers often have the most competitive prices. These can be easily found and a little research before you buy will find you the best deals if you are looking to buy a new scanner. With regard to scanning services, most companies price individually, depending on the quantity and quality of your material that is to be transferred.

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