Web-Based CMMS

Benefits of a web-based CMMS System

Web Based CMMS

Web-based CMMS, where the application is accessed via the internet, has a number of advantages over their more traditional software rivals – a fact that is now being recognized by a growing number of companies and organizations.

In recent years, web based CMMS providers have spent a lot of time, effort and money on addressing the concerns of business over reliability and security. Today, the healthy growth being enjoyed by online CMMS is testament to their endeavors in developing not only their products, but the marketplace as well.

So what are the big advantages of a web based CMMS solution?

Number one has to be accessibility. Any company or organization with a network of sites and a team of maintenance specialists out in the field realizes the challenges faced in keeping facilities and equipment working at optimum capacity. Keeping all records and data up to date is fundamental if the information is to be at all meaningful and useful to end users.

The beauty of web based CMMS is that records can be updated and viewed in real time by authorized personnel via any internet-connected computer. The big picture is there at a glace and it’s bang up to date regardless of when or where it’s viewed. Punching stats into a laptop which has to then download onto a central database back at base suddenly seems a bit quaint. And dated…just like the database.

Some may say ignorance is bliss. But when it comes to managing business-critical assets, knowledge is infinitely preferable. With up to the minute data on a spectrum of key issues, you can be assured decision-makers are acting on the best possible intelligence and ensuring optimum deployment of plant, equipment, facilities and human resources.

But this is just part of the story of web based CMMS.

With an online solution to computerized maintenance management, the application is scalable and will grow more readily with you and your users than a desktop application. Being an application that is accessed remotely, there’s no need to worry about:

• complex licensing issues
• product security patching
• upgrading to newer versions
• or software management of large numbers of desktop machines and laptops

The cost of ownership, therefore, should include the savings to be made in valuable and often scarce in-house IT resources. By taking the software management function outwith the organization, key IT and maintenance personnel can concentrate on their core business functions – which is what you’re paying them for!

When comparing the various web CMMS offerings, other important issues to consider include the level of customization that’s possible with each package. Depending on the size of your company and the number of users, some companies will build a bespoke application.

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