CMMS Systems

The cost of installing a CMMS System

CMMS Systems

With CMMS systems now coming down to the $1,000 dollar mark, thereís little argument left now on cost terms.

Thanks to the introduction a few years ago of Microsoft Access and the Visual Basic Programming language, CMMS and it's cost savings are now within the reach of small companies previously barred by the price. Together, MS Access and Visual Basic have made authoring CMMS software less demanding of development resources. Hence the drastically reduced price point of CMMS maintenance software vendors.

The downside of all this has been a wider choice of CMMS systems with wildly varying degrees of quality and competence. Many CMMS systems are excellent value for money. Others, though, have been written by buck-hungry software developers who possess little or no insight into maintenance.

Indeed, the commonest complaint among CMMS purchasers is that the package they have invested in doesnít fully fulfill their expectations. This is due, in the main, to a gulf in understanding between vendors and buyers. The secret of successful CMMS, therefore, is to think carefully through the whole process and arrive at a detailed specification. While managers have an input to bring to the table, do not overlook involving the end users who will actually be using the CMMS system on a day-to-day basis. Often their practical hands-on experience will prove invaluable when it comes to drawing up the specification and Request For Proposal.

The phrase CMMS system, it should be pointed out, is a generic term. Falling within the genus are CMMS systems for asset management, maintenance management, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, maintenance audit and enterprise asset management.

So whatever sector or industry you are in, thereís most likely an industry-specific CMMS system that can be bought off the shelf. However, it is also possible to order a custom-built system should there be a requirement.

Regardless of which route you take, be sure to get assurances on future-proofing to ensure the CMMS system is sufficiently scalable for your needs in the longer term and is capable of being upgraded for new technology you may wish to introduce at a later stage.

A further concern after establishing the specification and likely life span of a CMMS system is the licensing regime. No one wants to pay for anything they donít need, so have a realistic idea of user numbers in my mind when purchasing. Depending on your particular business circumstances, a limited user license for a set number of workstations may be adequate. Then again, organizations with large teams who need access from a number of machines in different locations may find a web-based CMMS application a better and cheaper option.

In some cases, hiring a CMMS consultant could prove to be money well spent.

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