CMMS Maintenance Software

CMMS Maintenance Software in your business

CMMS Maintenance Software

CMMS is unquestionably a big subject, particularly for those who have had little or no previous exposure to the software.

There are many questions peculiar to individual CMMS projects, but here we answer some of the most commonly raised concerns.

What can you do with Computerized Maintenance Management Software?

The list of tasks is almost endless, but here are the primary ones of interest for most CMMS buyers:

Planned maintenance schedules
Repair and maintenance prioritization
Repairs record keeping
Resource planning and allocation
Asset management
Inventory recording
Task and equipment/tool tracking
Cost history
Purchase and warranty histories
Maintenance expenditure and budget control
Health and safety compliance and certification
Preventive maintenance
Maintenance reports and analysis
Work order management
Procedure Libraries
Barcode support
Key Performance Indicator reports
Charge back maintenance cost reports

The Financial Benefits

Where are cost savings made by implementing CMMS software?

The Return On Investment (ROI) will mainly be found due to the following:

Increased asset life
Reduced downtime of machinery, plant, staff and facilities
Optimization of inventory levels
Preventive and predictive maintenance scheduling avoiding breakdowns
Compliance with health and safety legislation and certification requirements
Improved labor productivity
Optimization of maintenance staff resources
Reduced repair and maintenance costs

Installation and Technical Support

Will we need to install the software ourselves?

This depends on the size of the project and budget. But generally the installation will be carried out by the vendor or their agents.

What about technical support?

You will need to factor this into your CMMS implementation. Normally, the software will be supplied with extensive help resources either online or in manual form. But call center support is usually an extra, so check this one out with your vendor.

What are the licensing arrangements for this type of software?

This depends on your own requirements. A single user license means the software can be installed on only one computer. Multi-user licenses vary in price depending on numbers. However, if employees operate from a number of different locations you will require a floating license.

Can I integrate CMMS with my existing applications?

Yes. Software integration has been one of the big CMMS selling points lately. Virtually all CMMS systems will support Microsoft Access and MySQL, enabling existing databases to be imported, updated and managed. The same is true of web based CMMS applications.

Web-Based or Desktop ?

Desktop or web-based, which is best?

Horses for courses. Web-based CMMS is probably best suited to organizations and companies that have large maintenance departments who service a number of different locations. Web-based applications also allow non-maintenance staff to raise work tickets via their browser and be kept updated on progress.

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