CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software)

What's the right CMMS package for your business?


Keeping track of facilities, plant and equipment maintenance is not merely a matter of good management, it is a keystone to competitiveness, efficiency and optimum utilization of matériel and personnel.

It should be of little surprise to learn, then, that Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) has replaced manual systems in numerous large to medium-sized organizations and companies with business-critical assets.

Also known sometimes as Enterprise Asset Management, the Return On Investment (ROI) for CMMS is normally significant so long as it is backed by proper training and fully implemented on the ground.

CMMS customers, perhaps contrary to what most people imagine, are a diverse group; from building and facility managers to zoos, and just about every other sector you can care to mention. Typically, but not exhaustively, CMMS customer sectors include:

• schools and universities
• healthcare facilities
• manufacturing
• retail
• communications and data
• factories
• treatment and process plants
• government
• transport
• oil and gas

What each has learnt is that CMMS savings are many-fold, and not least in overall improvement of maintenance efficiency and asset management.

Importantly, the Return On Investment for CMMS users shows up loud and clear on the balance sheet. Companies and organizations of all sizes throughout the US are seeing CMMS make significant in-roads into their largest single controllable expenditure - maintenance costs – and this by simply exerting greater control over repair costs and preventive maintenance. Research suggests that CMMS can save companies, even those with small maintenance departments, between 5 and 15% of maintenance budgets. Put like that, CMMS purchase costs start to stack up.

On this site we probe the Computerized Maintenance Management Software market and look in-depth at the most popular CMMS solutions out there. We suggest the main considerations to take into account when sourcing the CMMS software package to suit your needs and budget.

Among the issues we tackle is the burgeoning growth in web based CMMS applications - online software that is accessed remotely and securely stores your data. Learn which companies and organizations stand to gain most by putting their maintenance into cyberspace. And discover why your hard-pressed and under-staffed IT department may wish to hug you for going down the internet route with CMMS.

In CMMS system learn why the technology has come down in price and how to ensure you buy a CMMS system that does what you hope it will and doesn’t cost more than it needs to.

Having decided on a CMMS package, we walk through the implementation process, pointing out the pitfalls and suggesting a number of ways to ensure implementation goes smoothly and the CMMS software realizes it full potential in the field…and on the balance sheet.

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