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Sharp Cash Register

Similar to Royal Consumer Information Products, the Sharp Electronics Corporation specialize in the manufacture and supply of electronic equipment.

The main difference, honwever, is that Sharp's product range is much wider, extending beyond the bounds of business and office supply, reaching into the average household by way of kitchen appliances, home entertainment, and handheld computers. Nonetheless, a large part of Sharp's products remain workplace specific, and cash registers are no exception.

The options available

Sharp's extensive line of registers fall into three main categories: small business cash registers, commercial cash registers, and what they call point of sale solutions - designed primarily for all types of food/restaurant/hospitality businesses. Sharp has four varieties of small business cash registers (models XE-A101, XE-A202, XE-A302, and XE-A402). Display options on these models range from a one-line, operator only LED screen, to a two-line operator, and one-line customer LCD screen on the same machine. Printer types range from drum to thermal, bill compartments from four to five, and coin compartments from five to six. The number of price look-ups vary as well from 80 out of 8 departments to 1800 out of 99 departments. Higher-end small business machines come equipped with a price scanner for fast and accurate registration, and PC linking software.

Sharp has an even wider selection of register at the Commercial level. Here one finds machines that are much faster, more durable, and generally more capable than registers intended for small businesses. Options one finds at this level include built-in credit/debit card readers, high speed thermal receipt and coupon printers with the ability to print business logos, spill-proof keypads, large, multi-line, easy to read displays which help reduce operator errors, scanning interfaces, high speed networking capabilities, built-in Flash ROM enhanced microprocessors, and seven bill/five coin drawers.

When it comes to Sharp's point of sale registers, designed especially for all kinds of food and hospitality establishments, the number of choices are even greater. Here you will find options such as super quiet customer receipt printers, age-verification for age-restricted products, even larger LCD displays (up to 12.1" active matrix screens), slim and sleek designs to help save valuable counter space, table tracking features to help you better manage the flow of your business, a full range of back office management reporting tools giving up to the moment information on all your most important business elements, even Windows 2000 or XP operating systems (high-end point of sale registers only).

With over twenty varieties of registers to choose from, the Sharp corporation is confident they can offer you the perfect cash register to fit your business needs.

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