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Samsung Cash Register

The international electronics supplier known as the Samsung Group had humble enough beginnings, starting out in 1938 primarily as a dried fish and vegetable merchant in Korea.

Many years of adventurous entrepreneuring and expansion eventually led them into the manufacturing and supply of electronic goods which they are known for today. These goods include such as sundry items as mobile phones, televisions, DVD players/recorders, camcorders, personal computers, printers, fax machines, household appliances, CCTV link-ups, fiber optics, telecommunications systems, and of course, cash registers. At least until recently that is.

Back in 2001, Samsung made the decision to sell off its electronic cash machine business to Shin-Heung Precision Co. Ltd. and the machines are now sold under the auspices of Sam4sŪ - the new home of all Samsung electronic cash machines. Sam4sŪ boasts one of the widest selection of ECR's on the market, offering at least twenty six different models. Unlike many other ECR companies, Sam4sŪ divides their cash machines into only two different categories: those designed for primarily retail business, and those designed for restaurant/hospitality business.

Sam4sŪ thirteen electronic cash machines specifically designed for retail business establishments are fast, easy to use, and able to keep up with the demands of your business. More specifically, each retail ECR is designed with a target business style in mind. Some, like the fast and friendly ER-150, are best suited for small businesses, while others, like the durable ER-290, are best suited for mid-size retailers like grocery or clothing stores. Some cash machines have even more specific destinations in mind, like the compact and easily portable ER-700/F designed for kiosk vendors.

Sam4sŪ has nine electronic registers especially designed for restaurant and hospitality establishments. These cash machines offer extraordinary speed and accuracy with special features like one-touch pricing with hundreds of programmable keys, hourly sales data to help you plan for busy and slow periods of the day, coupon and discount options, the ability to distinguish between multiple departments (like food, drink, snacks, etc.), the further ability to easily print off department totals at the end of the day, currency conversions, clerk interrupt and check tracking functions, charge posting functions allowing customers to maintain a running charge account (especially useful for campgrounds, and hotels) split-pricing, security functions, voidability, and preset cash tendering. All functions are generally easy to use, and most importantly, easy to explain to your employees which cuts down on valuable training time. What is more, most of cash machines of this sort come equipped with special employee training modes which help to simulate actual sales situations.

All in all, Sam4sŪ electronic cash machines are affordable, quick and easy to use, reliable, and secure - all features that can help to make your business better. With the wide variety of cash machines Sam4sŪ offers, you are sure to find a machine to meet the demands of your establishment.

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