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Royal Consumer Information Products, Inc. is an American manufacturing and supply company offering a wide selection of office, and in-store products designed to meet the demands of the consumer and small business markets.

Originally known as The Royal Typewriter Company in the early 1900's, Their product line has expanded over time to include time clocks, cash registers, shredders, Calculators, PDAs/electronic organizers, GPS navigation systems, postal scales, weather stations, and a wide range of supporting supplies for popular copiers, faxes, and printers.

All of Royal's twelve different cash register models fall into one of three categories: entry level, mid-range, and high-end registers. All of the Royal cash registers have built in price look-up capability: entry level registers (models 110cx, 115cx, 130cx, and 425cx) store between 99 and 400 items, mid-range registers (Alpha 600sc and Alpha 583cx) can each store 1000 items, and high-end registers (Alpha 9155sc, Alpha 9180sc, Alpha 1750, and CCM 1000) store between 1000 and 1700 item prices. This feature is extremely useful for the busy shop owner who doesn't have time to run all over the store hunting down unmarked items.

Standard and Special Features

Royal cash registers come equipped with digital price displays, but not all are the same. While all posses a clerk display window of some form, the lowest of the entry-level models (110cx and 115cx) do not offer customer displays. What is more, the capability of these displays varies greatly from single line numeric messaging, to two-line alphanumeric VFD; from stationary, fixed displays to pop-up, rotating ones. Obviously, as price goes up, so do display capabilities.

All Royal registers are equipped with tax computation capabilities of at least four, and up to eight different tax rates. All mid-range and above models have bar code scanners, and serial ports that allow for connection to a personal computer. The ability to connect a Royal register to a PC is especially useful at the end of the day as all figures can easily be transferred straight into spreadsheet and tax programs. Every Royal cash drawer has at least four bill tray and coin tray slots. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that all Royal registers are memory protected.

Some Royal cash register models have unique special features. Mid-range model Alpha 600sc, for instance, is equipped with a patented, built-in counterfeit currency detector, while high-end model CCM 1000 boasts its own built-in, fully functional credit card terminal. What is more, both mid-range Alpha models have an extra accessories drawer. With their wide selection of options and features, Royal cash registers can meet the demands of virtually any business.

Prices for Royal registers range from around $119 at the entry level, to upwards of $900 for a top of the line machine.

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