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Established in 1946 in Japan as a manufacturer of microscope components, The Casio Company is today a world-wide corporation specializing in manufacturing and supplying electronic equipment to help improve people's lives both at work and at home.

Their product line includes such things as calculators, watches and clocks, electronic dictionaries and translators, musical instruments, cameras, projectors, personal computers, portable televisions, and indeed, cash registers. The Casio Company's constant commitment to creativity and innovation has made them one of the biggest names in the electronics industry.

Casio divides their extensive line of Casio cash registers into three basic types: "personal" registers, mid-level registers, and point of sale registers, designed specifically with restaurant and hospitality industries in mind. Starting from around $120 and continuing upwards to around $300, Casio's collection of personal registers are perfect for small retail businesses. Price look-up ability for these machines range from 100 look-ups in 10 departments, to 1,600 look-ups in 96 departments. Drawer capacity ranges from single drawer service to heavy-duty double drawer design. Casio's personal registers can also remember from 8 to up to 40 clerks (using a clerk numbering system that allows for individual clerk tracking) and each machine comes equipped with a built-in calculator function. Also within the personal machine range, display screen options vary from basic, one-line, operator only screens, to two-line alphanumeric operator only screens.

Upgrading to one of Casio's mid-level range registers can help your business take that next important step towards growth, as these machines are faster, more capable, and easier to use - cutting down on employee training time, and improving customer satisfaction. At this level, all Casio's registers come equipped with both operator (from alphanumeric to LCD displays) and customer displays, customizable receipt capabilities, and food stamp capabilities. Some mid-range registers even have spill-proof embedded key pads, high speed printing, scheduling functions, and check tracking capabilities.

Point of sale registers are perfect for the fast-paced demands of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Of this type, Casio offers two main models: the QT-2100, and the QT-7300. While both models are equipped with large memory capacities, color LCD display screens, inter-register communications capacity, and custom logo design tools, the QT-7300 is by far the superior model - boasting a 12.1" display screen, wall mounting capability, expandable memory up to 256 mega bytes, Windows 2000/NT/XP compatibility, Drawer, printer, mouse, keyboard and USB ports, as well as a sealed, spill-proof front panel.

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