Cash Register Supplies

Accessories for your Cash Register

Cash Register Supplies

There are many different types of electronic cash register supplies and accessories available on the market today. Some of these products, like renewable printer tape for receipts, and printer ribbon and toner, are designed merely to maintain the normal operating functions of your ECR. But others, like external bar-code scanners, customer displays, external receipt printers, ECR software, drinks flow metering systems, weighing scales, and multiple payment terminals are specifically designed to add to your existing ECR set-up and greatly improve the overall effectiveness of your business.

Cash Register Tape

Cash register tape is the spooled paper that transaction receipts are printed on. This tape is used both to provide the customer with a receipt and to keep a running journal for the store's business records. Obviously ECR receipt tape must be periodically replaced, and can be acquired from most large electronic supply stores, or from an authorized ECR dealer. It is important to note that there are many different sizes and types of tape, and to function properly the tape you purchase must match the technical requirements of your ECR. Carefully consult these details before buying.

Bar-code Scanners

Bar-code scanners are devices which are connected to your ECR and electronically reads and recognizes each item's unique bar code number, instantly adding the amount owed to the running total. Bar code scanners generally come in two basic types: hand held scanners, and freestanding scanners. Both are types are easy to use and great time saving devices, generally ranging in price from approx. $150 to upwards of $800 dollars depending on quality and style.

Not all ECR machines come equipped with customer price displays, and the addition of one to your existing ECR set-up can greatly boost productivity, and cut down on transaction time. An external, two-line, height adjustable, rotating display screen can easily and affordably be added to your existing set-up. Multiple payment terminals are also helpful time-saving devices. With these terminals, retailers can take advantage of the commission rates of prepay services like mobile phones, international phone cards, and prepay internet access. Acquiring any one of the specialty printers on today's market can also enhance your business. Many of these printers offer faster printing time, better quality, custom logo design, better reliability, and more cost effective printing.

Weighing Scales

Weighing scales and drink flow metering systems are additional ways to improve the competitiveness of your business, by reducing transaction time, and increasing profits. Most good scales today come equipped with multiple preset pricing keys, automatic, high speed label and bar code printing, automatic power-off function, and easy to read LCD displays. Drink flow metering systems measure the flow of multiple lines and help to eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

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