Cash Register Software

Helping you transform the productivity of your business

Cash Register Software

Cash register software can transform the productivity of your business by allowing you to turn any personal computer into high-powered, easy to use electronic cash machine.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on an equivalent device, you can simply install cash register software onto a simple PC and away you go. Often, these relatively inexpensive programs can offer you much more than traditional cash machines anyway, so there’s really nothing to lose.

What does this software offer?

Here are some of the things cash register software has to offer your business: easy to use touch screen operation, bar code scanner or keyboard integration, low margin warnings, inventory management, order estimation, enhanced reports, expanded customer info, cash drawer reconciliation, automatic tax rate calculation, edit already closed invoices, manpower planning, automatic discount and coupon calculation, credit card processing with IC verify or PC charge, financial summaries, built-in backups, password protection, management reports, USA or UK tax method, monetary conversion, print and save quotes, sales commission estimation, auto email reporting, multiple discount levels, split payments, terms billing, check tracking, layaways, rentals, company logo on invoice capability, flexible pricing, credit limit checking, unlimited mailing list size, club or member discounts, comments on receipts, private sale comments, multiple open sales, product and logo pictures, easy transfer of info to Excel or related processing tools, packing slip printing, instant payment history, and instant customer history.

Some companies even offer programs designed with specific businesses in mind, and some will tailor-make a program to match your business’ unique needs. There are programs for restaurants, allowing you to track waiter sales, priority print to the kitchen, track individual tables and tips, split payments and checks easily, keep track of bad checks, keep open multiple sales at once at the same terminal, and receive alert messages from the kitchen at the front of house. There are also programs designed for bookstores in mind as well which can track sales of individual authors, the age of individual buyers, track salespersons and cashiers, process gift certificates, and memorize, recognize, and match ISBN numbers with book titles and barcodes. There are ven programs for video or formal wear rental businesses which can track a detailed tape rental history, run individual and family account memberships, store detailed customer histories, issue overdue warnings, calculate overdue fines, and assign account passwords.

Software Installation

Electronic cash machine software is as easy to install as it is to run and use. They are capable of running multiple drawers from a single terminal, or vice versa, running one drawer from multiple terminals. They can even save your business time and money. So what are you waiting for? A simple online search for cash register software can put you in touch with the business solution you’ve been waiting for.

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