Cash Registers

The options available to you

Cash Registers

The following eight web pages will help to illuminate the wide range of options available to anyone looking for an electronic cash register (ECR) as well as to give a brief glimpse into the life of the companies who manufacture and sell them. Most of the pages are individually devoted to one of these companies and the various types of ECR's they offer.

The Leading Brands

These pages are divided as follows: Royal Cash Registers, Sharp Cash Registers, National Cash Registers, Casio Cash Registers, Samsung Cash Registers. There are also two pages devoted to Cash Register Software, and Cash Register Supplies.

In each of the pages devoted to specific ECR brand name manufacturers, we have included a breif description of the company's history so as to help you get a feel for their values, what general areas they specialize in, and other products they manufacture along side cash machines. Also, each page gives a breakdown of the various types, styles, and models of ECR machines that each company has to offer. As you may have already spotted from the above list, most of these companies deal primarily in general electronics, and are among the biggest brand names in the industry. We have chosen these companies above others for their international reputation in order to ensure that we are pointing you in the right direction for reliability, security, variety of choice, and affordability - all things a wise business owner looks for in a cash machine. ECR's are without a doubt a most important tool for the success of your business, so we hope this site will help direct you to the right ECR for you!

However, there is software available on the market that allows you to transform your personal computer into a point of sale device and we tell you all about it on one of the later pages entitled Cash Register Software. Cash registers have several components which must be periodically renewed, like receipt printer tape for instance. What is more, there are hundreds of ways to add to your existing ECR set-up which can instantly help improve the productivity, and profitability of your overall business, as well as boost customer and employee satisfaction. Both these types of components -those for upkeep and those for upgrade - are talked about on the last page of this site, Cash Register Supplies.

We hope that this site will be a helpful tool to help you find the perfect electronic cash machine, or point of sale device for your business.

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