Women's briefcases

Choosing a briefcase to suit your look

Women's Briefcases

With most briefcases today being considered unisex finding a briefcase that a businesswoman would suit is not a problem.

Everyone is either looking to make a statement or at the very least be a as practical as possible when traveling daily from one place to another. In terms of briefcases for the businesswoman a sophisticated, stylish yet practical carrier is a good bet.

You can make a statement working office hours from 9 until 5 with a high-impact briefcase sized purse. They are very sleek and stylish is design but this is combined with the durability and strength of the featured hardware. The striking design usually comes from the choice of leather, and no more sophisticated a design is that of the Polish leather, deep chocolate brown in color and twisted shoulder straps add the finishing touch.

These 'purses' have two compartments with zipper pockets for secure files or important documents and of course, the cell phone holder! It is common and perhaps more practical to opt for the exterior design that includes an external zipper pocket for quick access to handy accessories. Retailing at around $29.95 these briefcases are a snip compared to the $200 and upwards most businessmen spend on their travel accessory. These business purses will look stylish everywhere least of all at the office. The designs look sharp and the lengthy straps add to the elegance of your work attire.

For the relaxed yet sophisticated look, a suede canvas briefcase is a sure and practical accessory for that daily journey to the office. It is a blend of polyester fibers that is durable and dirt, water and stain resistant. For even more durability the zippers are self-fixing nylon coil. Check that the manufacturer provides a suede brush to clean and keep the material in good shape. Matte gold or chrome finishing on exterior hardware adds to the quality of the briefcase but again this is not standard. Most high quality designs will come with a ten year warranty that shows the quality and confidence of the makers.

If durability rather than flare is more to your liking, a briefcase made from high denier micro 'cross-lock' nylon is probably more fitting to you. The practicality of the briefcase is apparent with detachable shoulder straps and both front and back flap and slash pockets respectively. The hardware is usually finished with nickel. Inside the briefcase is enough room for a notebook computer and good quality cases will be well padded in this area. Why compromise the style and sophistication of your briefcase for practicalities when this case can be custom made with top grain leather trims!

A standard sized briefcase will have approximately 12 inches in height and will have up to 20 inches in width. This is more than enough for a laptop however, interior compartments may have considerably smaller dimensions.

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