The Tumi briefcase

Designed for comfort and durability

Tumi Briefcase

The TUMI company are the leading brand of prestige luggage, business cases and accessories in the U.S. They believe that their secret to success has been from their innovative designs helping them build on a foundation of strength and leadership.

Tumi's Philosophy

Their philosophy in design is based on one single notion: to be uncompromising on every single detail. This philosophy seems to be every bit as true as their success with their attention to detail on every aspect of their designs, be it the tensile strength of zippers of the comfort and durability of a handle. The integrity of their products are seen by many with their commitment to these principles. It is considered the brand of choice amongst the professional businessmen of the U.S. and has a dedicated group of followers who have no doubt seen the company grow and evolve with the ever changing demands of the global market.

What's on offer?

The designs are made for each and every need. Some smaller and compact and others larger and more suited for multitasking. The slightly smaller version of Tumi's standard soft business briefcase is available for the more compact and organized of paper chasers. It has a main expandable compartment for economic organization of documents and files, a rear divider and a number of useful pockets for the cell phone, PDA, calculator, removable key ring, two exterior pockets for tickets or accessories and a particularly handy pocket for a water-resistant umbrella.

A larger version of a standard-sized briefcase is available and offers the best possible protection for your laptop computer. It is a well-organized business essential that carries a patented 'Safecase' computer sling. The other compartment is expandable for economy of space and with two phone pockets, PDA holder, computer software pockets, umbrella compartment and many other useful pockets, this Tumi briefcase is a businessman's dream!

If you are someone that considers taking a laptop once every now and then from your office to your home and are wondering whether or not you want the added fuss and expense of larger briefcases, then look no further. Tumi have a two-in-one design briefcase that incorporates a removable computer case. This case can be used separately or in combination with the other briefcase. The briefcase includes all the usual features with cell phone, PDA, and umbrella pockets but with this added feature is way ahead in terms or ingenuity.

A new and exclusive design is that of the nylon fabric briefcase. With Fusion Z ballistic nylon fabric and a stylish and comfortable leather-bound carrying handle, this briefcase is sophisticated and durable. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is also detachable if necessary. The flap-over exterior compartment enables easy access to needy accessories but with the added security of two metal clips. All the hardware is custom-molded die cast metal which is attractive and extremely durable. Inside the briefcase there are two compartments with enough room for a medium sized laptop computer. One compartment contain high-tech padding for the computer and the rest of the features seem to be standard with the umbrella pocket with water resistant lining. Added features include a water bottle carrier. All these features seem to go all the way to making this the perfect briefcase for the businessman on the move.

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