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Samsonite Briefcases

It seems that Samsonite's one goal is to create quality products that work. They have faithfully pursued high quality lines of luggage with the aim of creating products that you can rely on to work, luggage that will endure a daily routine for a lifetime and a look that is up to date and stylish. With a foundation of innovation established from the beginning, Samsonite briefcases offer luggage that is state-of-the-art, featuring functionality that is aesthetic in design.

The company started in 1910 and has continued to work hard to be known and recognized for its durability, security and style. Samsonite's secret over the years has been to listen to the opinions of the customer to incorporate exceptionally easy-to-use luggage that uses the insights of customers to be innovative.

What's on offer

Samsonite's standard case is 13 inches by 5.25 inches and 18.25 inches in width. The interior compartments are divided with a main portfolio pocket that can house business tickets that will be easily accessible and two portfolio sections that hold documents, files, folders and a variety of paperwork. There is also a smaller compartment for the containment of computer software such as disks or perhaps a notepad. The inside has useful pockets for stationary and is held open by a patented 'Smart Hinge' that opens automatically in a partial or full position as you wish. The security of the briefcase is ensured by a combination lock and the shell and frame is made from ABS and fiberglass-filled nylon respectively to give lifelong durability to the product.

Travelers everywhere will recognize Samsonite briefcases and will know it for its mix of style, durability and high quality. There is a Samsonite briefcase to suit any individual's needs and budget requirements. The Samsonite Compact Notebook Case is made with an extremely durable treated nylon fabric. This is a standard material that was originally specified for use in the military! The Samsonite Notebook briefcase is equipped with an accordion compartment holder which helps to store a few files, folders and paperwork in an orderly fashion. The carrying handle is padded and firm and the shoulder strap contains a gel-infused product for supreme comfort when traveling. The main compartment can hold laptops that are approximately 15 inches in dimension.

Right-Side-Up Feature

Samsonite took a step ahead of its rivals when introducing its latest attaché that benefits from their patented 'Right-Side-UP' feature. This prevents the case opening when the briefcase is upside-down and protects your work from falling over the floor and saves you from an embarrassing episode. It is styled with a European flavor and benefits from a slim elegant design. A new streamline attaché along the same line benefits from a contoured hip cushion pad for a special feel and comfort. It uses the patented 'Smart Hinge' technology so will not open fully unless lying flat. it also benefits from well organized internal features designed to help create contemporary style and comfort for today's professionals.

All briefcases and Samsonite products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and buying over the internet often saves on shipping costs!

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