Metal briefcases

No longer a bulky, heavy duty luggage accessory

Metal Briefcases

Metal briefcases are most definitely not the bulky, heavy duty luggage accessories of the past. For a no-nonsense, highly sophisticated look of the modern spy, get your stylish claws into a hardcore attaché.

With all the storage that you need this steel-looking briefcase will keep you up-to-date and organized for a day at the office. High quality metal briefcases cases will have an extra protective layer of gloss to ensure that your case maintains its shiny appearance for years to come. These cases are slim and sleek and with a stylish sophistication that won't go out of fashion.

If you miss the elegance and feel of your leather briefcase then why not order a metal briefcase with the interior leather trim made from the highest grade American leather. A triple digit combination lock will provide the security that you will need and the compound curves, horizontal lines and simple turns give these metal cases a classic look. Lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so you can't argue with that!

The shells for these cases go through a complicated, lengthy process. Firstly the individual pieces are drawn over a steel dies using 440 tons of pressure. Once the required shape is formed, the shell's molecular structure is now at a stage where it prevents the exterior from wrinkling and distortion. To make the shells even more durable and stronger they are heated up to temperatures of more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and quickly cooled. To prevent corrosion the shells are anodized and color is applied. Quality manufacturers only choose the best shells for their cases.

Some companies now manufacture briefcases that are fitted with a metal frame so to appeal to the classic briefcase lover, yet give them the strength and durability that they need. Handcrafted from supple, full grain American hide leather, the classic briefcase bag is the ultimate in versatility. An open outside pocket and zippered inside pocket provides ample storage for various business accessories with a laptop computer compartments with three points of elevation that suspend the computer two inches from potential impact. With high density foam tubing an impact is absorbed into the internal steel framework.

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