Men's briefcases

Choosing between leather and metal

Men's Briefcases

For the well organized man who needs to take his office with him a briefcase is an essential accessory for work and travel. Men's briefcases are traditionally made with varieties of leather but many new and even established manufacturers of briefcases now offer a canvas or metal alternative.

A briefcase should have a place for almost everything that a businessman requires at home as well as at work. Most briefcases cater for the files, folders and documents that need to be worked on outside of the office but it is a recent development that has pushed companies to make a briefcase that can carry and secure a laptop as standard.

Men's briefcases that are metal tend to have a similar interior design as that of a leather briefcase. Compartments for documents, electronics, writing utensils and business accessories such as cards are well catered for but it is surely the metal briefcases that offer the most protection for ones laptop.

The advantage of a leather briefcase is its weight. It is light yet durable. It is more flexible than a metal briefcase and can have many large gusseted inside compartments. Usually one has a zipper and the others are slightly smaller. The accordion style compartments lend themselves to be more functional in the flexible leather cases as you have to be a little more economical in the metal designs.

The leather briefcases that are built to a high standard will have a well padded base to ensure maximum protection for your laptop. Make sure that you check the size of your laptop before ordering a case as custom made briefcases can incur difficulties when refunds are required. Many companies will have a no returns policy unless a fault is found with the product. Briefcases have standard sizes but with a little variation here and there can lead to a slightly smaller central compartment that a laptop will not fit.

The great thing about choosing a briefcase is the variety of materials that are available. If you are planning on spending around $200 plus on a new case then surely a personal touch will be required. For the adventurous businessman out there, an eel skin briefcase offers a stylish classic look with a hidden fun side. You can also play around with the interior, opting for a wax-like suede material that is durable and feels great.

With all men's briefcases it is wise to choose a manufacturer that offers adjustable straps as standard. When you are carrying the case on a daily basis it is important to be as comfortable as possible so to avoid any muscular aches and pains. Posture issues can form as a result of carrying uneven loads on a regular journey.

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