Leather briefcase or portable carrying case?

Choosing a stylish leather briefcase

Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase is commonly thought of as a portable, carrying case for books and papers. It is often flat is design with a handle. Leather briefcases are seen as the most popular of choices and are used widely as luggage and travel accessories within business circles.

Leather briefcases come in a large variety of designs and use many different types of material. The two main varieties of leather are that of harder and soft leathers. Harder leathers are usually more desirable as they age well for an antique look.

The most popular of colors are chocolate brown, dark and light shades of tan brown, black, dark green, and the latest of fashion statements would be a red leather color, perhaps an antique red. The leather itself is available in a variety of finishes from a simple leather stain of dye to the oil dye and dulled leather finish. These cases are designed to contain all papers from important documents to the latest daily chronicle. They are designed to have room enough for other valuables and larger folders and files.

Within the case, features to expect are inner compartments and a more secure zipper closure, outer pockets can be useful for the daily newspaper but not secure enough to hold valuables. The briefcases are stylish yet functional, designed by highly skilled craftsmen to feel comfortable. A good test of a high quality briefcase is to pick it up and feel the handle for a quick examination of durability with comfort. The handle should be firm but padded to ensure a comfortable grip even when the briefcase contains much weight. The more practical briefcases have an adjustable carrying strap that comes in handy with more than one user.

Additional Features

Most briefcases have additional features that help with containing a large amount of documents in an orderly fashion. Accordion functions contained in a zipper folder are the most common of these. They are also designed with various inner pockets, file sleeves and utility areas under the flaps used for holding cell phones, stationary, business cards, key holders, diaries, organizers and other important business appliances.

A leather briefcase is very practical and makes for an extremely professional accessory for the businessman or woman. These leather briefcases, if made to a high quality, will offer a lightweight, tough and durable carrying device made of quality leather. Most leather briefcases are used for carrying files and documents but the latest developments in design have led to a number of leather briefcases being sizeable enough to carry a laptop or some other business accessory. These are padded well at the base to ensure the safety of the computer and are highly sought after in today's international retail market.

If asked about ten years ago whether or not a leather briefcase is more popular with men or women, I would have said probably more so with men, but now over and over again, both men and women are purchasing durable and stylish leather executive briefcases. Most leather briefcase designs are considered unisex and suit both the elegance and sophistication of both men and women. To offer a personal touch many companies have incorporated the engraving of initials or a full name into these fine leather pieces. This assures the buyer that close finishing touch and perhaps making the perfect gift.

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