Aluminum briefcases

The lightweight and secure traveling accessory

Aluminum Briefcases

Aluminum briefcases offer a lightweight and ultimately secure traveling accessory. If you are a man or woman that cannot see themselves without the style of leather, perhaps a luxurious high grade leather interior will entice you into the strength and durability shown by the aluminum briefcase.

Triple-digit combination locks will provide you with the security and privacy that you may need with important and personal documents going from the office back to the home on a daily basis. Aluminum briefcases have developed from the bulky oversized designs of the 1990s and new slim attaches will make you look organized and compact.

The highest quality aluminum designs are available at relatively cheap prices. Bearing in mind that aircraft-grade aluminum is used in many designs that require a lengthy process to produce, a leather briefcase seems quite expensive in comparison. The metal is cut into individual pieces and using around 440 tons of pressure, it is formed over special steel dies. The structure, molecularly, of the material actually changes and this results in a wrinkle free shell that is resistant to distortion and inconsistencies. To make the briefcase even more durable and stronger the shell is then heated to more than 1000 degrees and quickly cooled. Each shell is then polished and anodized so to add color and prevent corrosion. It is only used following more tests and a little craftsmanship having been deemed worthy as a high quality aluminum briefcase shell. Weighing around 7lbs, this case is as strong as it is light.

An aluminum briefcase will provide your business lifestyle with sophistication and quality. If you have a business meeting in the city or perhaps a conference out of town, you will appreciate the security and style for years to come offered by these briefcases. The cases are usually available in silver and gun metal colors, but manufacturers of chrome and black finishes are on the market. These cases are the perfect mix of attractive designs with the protection of a lifetime guarantee.

If you are looking for a briefcase that offers more than a slim fit for some paperwork, then take a look at some briefcases that are designed to carry laptops as well as the accessories such as cell phones and glasses. A unique style that is almost a cross between an attaché and a small piece of hand-luggage, this hard aluminum case can be used for a variety of needs. You can use this case for most of the time as a funky briefcase while having the capacity if needed for larger utensils and appliances. With two secure locks that help to deter thieves it will serve you well.

On the other hand, if you are still thinking leather because you like your case to be a fashionable fabric then available on the market today in faux fur zebra and leopard patterns or just plain black you are sure to raise an eyebrow or two.

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